Thursday, June 1, 2017

My Birthday Wish

My first wish is the same as every year but I had to add a 2ed wish this year

M.M. has an heart attack on the floor of the Senate and dies on the way to the hospital
at the same time
P.R. gets killed by a white male Christian with a gun in his congressional office
at the same time
Justice N.G. dies in a car accident on the way to repeal Roe v Wade
at the same time
VP M.P. dies of unknown illness in sleep
at the same time
V. Putin is found dead in home
at the same time
Ivanka, Jared, Jr, Eric, Baron and Melania are found poisoned to death around White House dinner table
at the same time
The 45th President of The Untied States is found dead from a self inflicted gun shot wound in the oval office.

or something like that.

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