Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Book of Mormon! A silly,rude and great musical

When I was a teen I watched South Park for 2 reasons-To understand what the boy I had a crush on was talking about and because it really was and still may be one the most "creative" series on TV. Then when I heard that its creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker were going to have a musical on Broadway I wanted to go to NYC and see it as soon as possible! Of course I couldn't afford the trip and the tickets became sold out months in advance but I still knew I had to see it. Fast forward two years later and after it won 9 Tonys including best new musical, the show is on tour and comes to my hometown:)!

The Book of Mormon book, music and lyrics by Stone, Parker and Robert Lopez is a story about two young Mormons sent out and on the first mission trip to a small village in Uganda, Africa. Elder Price played in this tour by Mark Evans has been studying for this chance all of his life, he is smart, excited and is looked up to by his fellow missionaries all of whom want to be paired with him (Two By Two). The lucky one picked is Elder Cunningham played here by Christopher John O'Neill the least popular boy in the group he is always messing up on the job and according to his father always making things up. When the two arrive to the village the are naive, optimistic and have to clue as to what they have gotten themselves into. They meet Mafala Hatimbi (Kevin Mambo), his young sweat daughter Nabulungi (Samantha Marie Ware) and a group of fellow missionaries already there. Then things really get crazy!

You know how when you really have to have something you will do anything to get it because you know once you have your hands on it it was worth whatever trouble you had getting it? I knew The Book of Mormon was going to by good, I knew I would like it, and the show was everything I expected and so much more!

Song after song (Turn it Off, All American Prophet, Man Up, Making Things Up Again and I Believe just to name some) line after line was better then the last! The characters and songs in this religious satire (and satire is the best kind of flattery and shows us the truth that we don't want to see) were perfect. As much as I love musical theater I normally don't notice the dancing but even the choreography was worth watching. The entire production from the lights to the ensemble was so fun and funny to watch high above(Balcony) the theater in Rochester NY.

I was sad when it was time for intermission because that meant the show was almost over and I did not want it to end! When it did I walked back to my car and took a sip of water and as the fresh water hit my lips I found myself in a pain that I have never felt before. I had smiled and laughed for 2 and a 1/2 hours straight and now my extremely chapped lips were paying the price.

Days later and I am still listening to the wonderful music and remembering every scene and moment that was on stage that night. If I could follow the tour around the country and be a groupie I would do so in a heart beat. Sitting in a sold out audience and watching this well put together show was the most fun I have had in years! Even if you are not a fan a live musical theater you should check out The Book of Mormon.

If for no other reason let me leave you with these 4 little words Spooky Mormon Hell Dream ;)