Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A quick take on Tomorrowland the movie

Ok I have read mixed reviews on Tomorrowland some seemed to really enjoy this marketed as a teen who discovers a wonderful future world, to tweens and teens movie, others not so much. You can add me to the like column.

Yes the film feels too long and is slow at times and some of the special effects seem to be from Walt Disney’s time instead of today but I need to give high praise to the acting, especially by the two young girls Athena played by Raffey Cassidy and Casey played by Britt Robertson.        What a concept kids acting like kids who want to and can help for a better future. George Clooney and Hugh Laurie also star.

The TV ads may have shown little and been a bit deceiving (I would had liked to have seen/spent more time in Tomorrowland) but better then giving away the end in the first scene of the trailer.

In the end Writer and Director Brad Bird and Producer Damon Lindelof shared a positive and inspiring message to the audience (seriously not all sci-fi movies/TV shows have to have a dystopian future full of fear and hate) and if I was worthy enough to be given a pin that transported me to Tomorrowland I would jump at the opportunity!

Friday, June 5, 2015

Entourage Movie-A fun summer romp

I know I say over and over that Hollywood needs to start making better and more original movies, I am so sick of remakes, sequels and remaking sequels - cut to the one exception I will make – A film based on a TV series about the “ins and outs” of Hollywood itself.  Entourage is that movie!

If you have been living under a rock for the past 10 years let me sum up the plot of both show and movie. Vincent Chase is an actor living in LA (in the same house) with his two best friends and older brother, he has an agent and a PR person each helping him (in their own way) as he makes movies, money and growing fame.

The movie Written and Directed by Doug Ellin and Produced by Mark Wahlberg, picks up a few months after the show ended and the boys don’t miss a beat. There is Vince played by Adrian Grenier, our Hollywood crush and star still at the top of his game and in the middle of yet another sexy party (on a yacht) when he meets up again with his entourage. He is in the middle of deciding what project to do next when he calls Ari Gold ( I want an Ari) played by the magnificent Jeremy Piven, his ex-agent now head of the studio who already has the perfect movie lined up for him, there’s a catch Vince wants to direct and that's all I can say. It sounds like a simple plot and it is but the movie isn’t about the sex, silliness and macho whatever that some would want you to believe. It’s really a story about these five guys who would do anything for each other.

There is Eric “E” Murphy played by Kevin Connelly, who if Vince is the heart of the group E is the soul. He started as Vince’s friend, turned manager and now producer. A character who has had his share of love interest but with his on again, off again girlfriend Sloan played by Emmanuelle Chrqui about to have his baby he has a few personal choices to make. There is “Turtle”  played by Jerry Ferrara who stayed out of showbiz but is always there to drive Vince wherever he needed to be. No longer the chubby other friend living on Vince’s dime Turtle has made it big, “not telling anyone how much money he has made”, in the tequila business and now allows his friends to sleep on his “couch”. And where would Vince be without his brother Johnny Drama played by Kevin Dillon. Drama’s career has had its ups and downs and so Vince gives him a part, "only four scenes," in his new film but Johnny’s personal and professional drama never ends.

Entourage is and has always been a story about friendship and those who are some of the most important people in our lives (including they relationship between Ari and his ex- assistant, yes even Lloyd played by Rex Lee has return for the film and watching them is just as wonderful as before). Yes there are a lot of cameos in the movie but there were a lot in the show too, in fact some of the cameos (like Bob Saget and Andrew Dice Clay) are those who appeared (more than once) in the series and after all that is what happens in LA you drive around and the next thing you know so and so is parked at the stop light next to you (so I’ve heard)

The movie also stars Billy Bob Thorton, Haley Joel Osment, Alan Dale, Perry Reeves back as Ari's "long and suffering" wife, Debi Mazar back as Shauna and Constance Zimmer back as Dana.

In the end like the show did Entourage moves at a fast pace and the (almost) two hours go by quick. It has everything that a celebrity watcher like myself wants in a movie about movies (The viewer even gets a quick peak at the film within the film and like with Aquaman and Medellin I want to see Vincent Chase’s directorial debut “Hyde”) and from the opening credits that included the original TV show theme music and font style to the happy Hollywood ending I smiled, laughed and enjoyed getting to spend some (more) time with Vince and his Entourage.

Friday, May 29, 2015

GREEN DAY and The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The year was 1994. My parents, my sister and I packed up the car with our camping supplies and started on our way to Saugerties, NY.  I was all of 14 and was about to have the craziest weekend of my life (so far). Woodstock ’94 was happening and my family was right in the thick of it. It’s been over 20 years and I can’t remember everything but I do recall that we set up our tent and sleeping bags on the side of a hill, my older sister going off on her own late into the night, being covered in mud from head to toe (thank goodness for those ponchos) and most importantly watching Green Day perform live! You could say that the chance to see this amazing and very entertaining band was the entire reason I went.
         I forgot which of the “Two More Days of Peace and Music” it was but the stage was a close walk from our home away from home. We got to it as early as possible to get the best view we could, it was early enough that the pervious band playing reggae music were still on the stage.  The crowd grew and grew, I don’t know when, who or why it started but all of a sudden all those who had gathered were chanting Green Day! Green Day! Green Day! Green Day! Green Day! (Looking back on it I feel sorry for the guys on stage, I mean they were a good band in their own right) but the fans came to see Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool and Mike Drint and they did not let us down.

          I don’t remember their set list (I’m sure all their hits from Dookie were part of the concert) but what happened while they were preforming was insane and became the best concert I have ever attended.

         Again I don’t know who threw the first shot but soon mud was flying everywhere on stage and off. The stage became a huge slippery mess but that did not stop people from jumping up on to it to get up close and person with the band. Security stepped in and began throwing them off, my family was so close that those being “gently” tossed off were practically landing on top of us. According to legend one or the guards miss-took Mike as one of those crazy fans and chipped one of the bassist teeth.*

It really was one great and (mostly) unforgettable weekend and for posterity I still have the muddy shoes and back when MTV cared about music they attendant and aired some of the concerts and perhaps somewhere in their vaults there is footage of a tall man with dark hair and a beard just enjoying a nice vacation with his wife and two teenaged daughters.

Congrats and cheers to Billie Joe, Tre Cool and Mike Dirnt who were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month (Concert with other inductees Saturday at 8pm on HBO) you guys truly deserve this great honor.

*Woodstock '94 has also been referred to as Mudstock, or Mudstock '94, partly due to Green Day's performance, during which guitarist and lead vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong started a mudfight with the crowd. The situation quickly spiraled out of control, with many fans jumping onstage. This resulted in the security team mistaking bassist Mike Dirnt for a fan and tackling him, resulting in Dirnt requiring emergency orthodontia. (Wikipedia)

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Flash Fiction #5

Thank you to jay x wolf for the opening sentence

Happiness is a cold beer, an enormous burrito, and enough time to down them both before the werewolf catches up with you again. It was my big brother’s 21st birthday and we were out celebrating when the attacked happened. I woke up to find my brother unconscious with his new clothes ripped to shreds and scratches all over his back and chest, there was so much blood around my sister I didn’t know if she was dead or alive and my father was missing.
          He was still gone when we buried Layla a week later. They say when a loved one dies a piece of those they left behind dies, I didn’t know if Eli or my mother felt that way but she was my twin and I couldn’t even cry. I didn’t feel sad or angry or even relived that “she was in a better place” I just felt emptiness inside. We lived in the apartment above our mom’s jewelry shop, my brother had moved out for college two years earlier but neither one of us wanted to move out of our bedroom. When I walked up to the door this time there was her name, in green craft paper next to mine in blue, we were Layla and Kayla for 16 years and now nothing. There was a tap on my shoulder I turned to see Eli, he said that the last of the relatives were leaving and mom needed my help cleaning up the all the casserole leftovers.

One month later and my dad was still missing the cops had done all they could do and said he left on his own and the case was closed. That night there was a full moon and my mom was in her work room in the back of the shop, I was at the counter waiting on the last customer of the day when Eli came downstairs and said he was going for a walk. Three hours went by, my mom and I were in the living room watching TV. I could tell she was getting worried so I put on my shoes and long coat and went to look for him. We lived in a small town surrounded by fields of apple orchards and woods. I went to a wooded path that we always travelled as kids and didn’t have to follow it far when I saw him. He was hunched over and breathing deep shallow breathes, I slowly walked up to him and suddenly I knew what was wrong, I had seen it before. “Sis, I know you’re there please don’t come any closer.” He told me but I ignored him, took out a silver knife from the inside left pocket of the coat and continued to walk towards him. This was what I had trained for since I could walk, my siblings and I came from a long lineage of hunters. Now it was my turn to prove that I could fight any demon that I came across I didn’t know one would be my brother.
       “Kayla I’m fine please put that away, go home and tell mom I’m fine. I will be home when the sun raises.”
       “Eli, I can do this I can take care of myself, I can help you. Please.”
       He turned and I saw a look in his eyes that I had never seen before. It was a look of anger and hunger so fierce I stumble to gain my footing as he ran off quicker then I’ve ever seen him run.

The next day I got up before my mother. I was opening the shop when Eli entered, half naked and shivering he passed out into my arms. I was strong enough to drag his lifeless body to the couch in the work room, I made sure he had enough blankets and was comfortable before I went back to work. It was almost 2:00 when he awoke to find mom and me eating a late lunch. Mom stood up, placed her plate in the sink and went back to the front to open for the afternoon shoppers.
           “There is a rare steak in the fridge if you’re still hungry?’ I said half-jokingly.

He sat in the chair opposite me “I didn’t want you to find out that way.” I stood up and walked my plate to the sink he continued “I wasn’t sure at first if I was turned, all I knew was that when I woke up the day after the attack all the scars on my body had healed except for the scratch on my back left shoulder. With dad gone and Layla dead I didn’t…I didn’t want to worry you or mom. I paid attention to the cycles of the moon and as the days past and the moon was almost full I could feel myself getting stronger at the same time I slept less but was never tired. I thought about telling you but…
         “But I’m your baby sister who was sad and wasn’t strong enough to deal with the fact that her brother is a werewolf!”
           He grabbed my arm with one hand and used the other to cover my mouth “Shhh Mom can’t know, not yet, please Kayla I will tell her I just need more time.”
         “She’s been in the family business longer then us, SHE MAKES OUR WEAPONS do you really think she hasn’t already figured it out?”

We sat back down and I asked “Now what?”
        “Now I find the one who did this to me and do what I have to to make things right.”

      I stood and ran upstairs to my bedroom, took out a box from under my bed and rummaged through the assortment of weapons. I didn’t know Eli was right behind me.
 “What are you doing?”
“I am going to find the wolf who did this and kill him, it is what we do.”

He took the gun and crossbow from my hands “Take a breath. First of all I am pretty sure he is a she and I have been looking for her since the night of the attack, I know I was close last night. My senses are heighten as the wolf and last night I caught her scent it was a mixture of peppermint… peppermint and…
Just then a customer enters the shop

       He continues “That’s it!”

“I can smell the other scent now, it’s coming from downstairs.”
        We walked down to the shop and stayed in the back watching from the beaded doorway as a bridal client talked to our mother, she was holding a bouquet of lavender.

I whispered to my brother “Lavender, are you sure?”
 “I promise you on Layla’s grave that is what I smelled last night.”

 “The peppermint and lavender festival, they hold it every year in PalmVille”

“YES always in summer a couple of weeks after our apple blossom festival. We went every year as kids.
        I took out my phone to look up the dates of the festival “ I remember and every year it was held next to that large field of lavender where there was that old run down farmhouse and barn, remember the three of us would play hide and seek there when mom and dad sold jewelry.”

“Then a couple of days before the next full moon that’s where I’ll go.”

“Where we’ll go.”

 “You’re not coming with me!”

“YES I am.”

The rest of the month went by quickly. We worked in the shop and helped our mother out whenever she needed us. It was as if nothing had changed but I could hear Eli walking the halls at night unable to sleep as the night of the full moon got closer.  One night I looked up at the sky and there it was smiling down at me as if it knew what we were about to do.
         When the day came we packed a duffel bag with two flashlights, two guns, four boxes of silver bullets, my crossbow with silver tipped arrows and his sword laced with liquid silver and some snacks. We left early in the evening, before dinner and told our mom we were going to have a burger at a local food truck then to a movie and not to wait up. (Knowing her she’ll fall asleep watching late night TV waiting for us) we did grab a burger but then took a cab to PalmVille, just one town over, and walked to the farmhouse. When we got there it was just starting to get dark. I took out two flashlights and the guns, we made sure they were loaded and started towards the creepy red barn.

           The door screeched as Eli opened it. It was already too dark to see, we turned on the flashlights and without moving looked around, nothing. We entered farther and began a more elaborate search that’s when we heard the first voice. “Look who it is Elijah James Doyle and Lay….I’m sorry I mean Kayla the sister we allowed to live.” A man jumped down from the rafters. Eli pointed his gun at him “You seem to know us but we have yet to be introduced.”

“Dylan be kind to our guests” said a woman’s voice from the darkness.
 Before she came out into the light Eli knew who she was “It’s you, the bitch who did this to me!”

     I had my gun pointed at her now as she stepped into the light “Eli, we’re guests let’s not used harsh words.”

“If I knew her name I wouldn’t have too.”
 Dylan spoke next “Eli, meet my sister Sasha.”

  Sasha responded “Put you guns down.”
 “I don’t think we’ll be doing that.” I said

“Boys bring out our friend.” Three more men appear holding a weaker older man.
I saw him first “Dad?.”

“Sis put down your gun.”

      Moonlight begins to shine through the cracks in the walls. The wolves begin to change.

Eli goes after Sasha I began to shoot at everything that moved as I ran to my father. It was all over in five minutes. Sasha was dead. The other wolves were gone. I stood holding up my weaken father Dylan was face to face with Eli who was covered in Sasha’s blood.
 “You killed her, you killed our leader.”

 “I did. Now it’s your turn.” He aimed his gun.

    “You could kill me but not before I have killed everyone you love. Then again you could take your rightful place as our new Alpha by law of our pact or I kill you and your family would suffer for the rest of their lives knowing that you were a coward.”

“That’s not true, don’t listen to him.”
“Kayla, take dad and go home.”

“I will take that as a yes to my offer?”

“Eli, you can’t!”
 Eli’s teeth and claws began to show “Go now and never return or I will rip your throat out with my bare teeth.

I did as he said.
My dad retired. My mom continued making jewelry and I went to college.

Every year on our birthday I visit Layla’s grave. There was always a note or gift waiting for me. It was are our 21st today and there was a 6-pack of Genny Lite and a Taco Bell bag full of burritos. Written in the card was “You only turn 21 once, enjoy every second! Dinner is on me. P.S.  Tell mom and dad I’m getting married and I miss you all. J

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Justice for Justified (2010-2015)

Justified may have been the title of a TV series but Raylan Givens played by the awesome Timothy Olyphant, was the show’s heart and soul. He was also a man of little words so I shall be quick and to the point…

 Raylan was born to a loving mother who died when he was still a boy. He grew up and as soon as he was old enough he got himself out of the dark and dirty coal mines of Kentucky. To the distain of his criminal and hate-filled father, Arlo played by Raymond J. Barry, Raylan became a U.S. Marshall and worked mainly in Florida until he got into trouble and was sent back to his home town. It was back in Harlan where Raylan came face to with his ex-girlfriend Ava Crowder played by Joelle Carter and old friend/resident bad guy Boyd Crowder played by the amazing Walton Goggins. Raylan and Boyd grew up working in the mine together but now found themselves on opposite sides of the law.

Throughout 6 seasons Raylan Givens had a number a foes which added up to a larger then normal body count not making his boss, Art played by Nick Searcy very happy but Raylan always got the job done. (The one thing I have to interject here it that as a character Raylan, with that hat and cunning smile, was one guy who I would have trusted with my own real life, when he said he would help and protect you he did! For that reason alone I will always love him.)  Each new season brought new headaches and enemies, all willing to have their chance to take him down. There were the Bennetts lead by Mags played by Margo Martindale, who always had a drink waiting for you. There were her sons Doyle and Coover (Joseph Lyle Taylor and Brad William Henke) and of course Dickie played by Jeremy Davies  who spent most of his screen time in jail and a niece Loretta McCready played by Kaitlyn Dever, who wanted nothing to do with her crazy, murderous kin. When the Bennetts were all but wiped out enter the family Crowe. First we met Dewey played by Damon Herriman, who just wanted to be like Boyd and would follow him around like a lost puppy. A couple of season prior to the final we met the rest of his family, oldest brother Daryl played by Michael Rapaport who came from Florida to make same fast cash bringing with him brothers Danny (A.J. Buckley) and Kendal (Jacob Lofland) and sister/lawyer Wendy (Alicia Witt). We round out the bad guy cast of characters with Ellstin Limehouse played by Mykelti Williamson, Wynn Duffy played by Jere Burns who seemed to have 9 lives and most recently Ty Walker played by fellow Deadwood Alum Garret Dillahunt and Avery Markham played by the always wonderful Sam Elliott of course there were countless others including some good guys but it was Ava and Boyd who were there from beginning to end that kept Raylan in Harlan and on their heels.

In the end I need to thank Graham Yost for bringing the late Elmore Leonard’s story and characters to life. In six seasons viewers went through a lot with the crew and cast(s) and like a giant rollercoaster at an amusement park I do not want to get off but it was a great ride and I will never forget my time spent in Harlan County, Kentucky.

Friday, March 20, 2015

A tearful farewell to Glee (2009-2015)

It is not easy to say goodbye to a TV series about a group of teen aged outsiders who came together because of their shared love of singing and preforming but Glee was the perfect show during the six seasons it aired.
         The years we spent at William McKinley High School were happy, sad, torturous and exciting (at times it was like walking down the hallways of my alma mater) and like in real life they are years and people that won’t be forgotten.

There was sometime Spanish teacher and leader of New Directions Mr. William Schuester played by Matthew Morrison. A teacher who no matter if the glee club won or lost, was still and always proud of his students. From the moment Will first set eyes on the school’s counselor Emma Pillsbury played by Jayma Mays and her silly yet useful pamphlets he was in love with her. Sadly at the time he was married to a horrible woman and she had a boyfriend but amongst all of Emma’s germaphobic “quirks” and Will’s troubles they ended up together and were happily married and started a family. Unfortunately Mr.Schue’s time at McKinley wasn’t all sunshine and lollipops, there, in his way was Sue Sylvester played by Jane Lynch. She was his and The Glee Club’s #1 enemy and Champion Cheerleading Coach of the Cheerios. Sue (in her array of track suits) with Becky Jackson played by Lauren Potter, by her side (not quite to the end) was right there, always plotting ways to destroy all involved with the glee club.
The New Directions Members included…

           Rachel Barry played by Lea Michele, who saw herself as the star of the glee club and had dreams of being on Broadway from the day she was born. Rachel and her best friend, Kurt Hummel played by Chris Colfer were the first to sign-up. At first Kurt felt like an outcast within the group because of his sexual orientation and was being bullied by Dave so his loving and supportive father Burt (Mike O’Malley) found a way for his son to transfer to Dalton Academy. While at Dalton Kurt joined the wonderful Warblers and that was how he (and the viewers) met (my favorite character and cast member) Blaine Anderson played by Darren Criss. Kurt and Blaine (Klaine) had their own ups and downs through the years with cheating, other suitors like the incorrigible flirt Sebastian Smythe (CWs The Flash’s Grant Gustin) who entice his way into their lives (An Eddie Haskell for The Millennials) and a broken engagement. In the end Kurt and Blaine knew they couldn’t live without each other and were married (with Brittana) in a beautiful ceremony. Rachel on the other hand, had a major crush on football player Finn Hudson played by the late Cory Monteith, the first jock to join New Directions. Finn was dating Quinn Fabray played by Dianna Agron, when he and Rachel met. To make things even more difficult Quinn was pregnant by Finn’s friend, fellow football player (and pool boy) Noah “Puck” Puckerman played by Mark Salling. When Finn found out the whole truth about the two he found his way to his true love, Rachel and was with her until his untimely death. It was actually Sue (remember Sue) who made Quinn and her fellow Cheerios, Brittney S. Pierce played by Heather Morris and the fierce Santana Lopez played by Naya Rivera join the glee club as her spies and cohorts in crime. To Sue’s disappointment the three would grow to like being a part of New Directions and being popular wasn’t as important as it once was. Britney, who always had what I called wonderful Brittisms to say, was a girl who loved her cat Lord Tubbington and hosted the web series “Fondue for Two”. She would turn out to be a math genus when college came around and would go on to marry Santana (with Klaine).

Other members in the beginning of the series were… 
            Mercedes Jones played by Amber Riley who was another standout star of New Directions.  After graduation her amazing voice got her to Hollywood and a record deal, she moved to NYC for a year and dated fellow glee club member Sam Evans played by Chord Overstreet who was also a football player when he joined the group. I have to admit I didn’t learn his name until well into his 2ed season but when his family had to move and he had to take a job as a stripper I quickly learned and never forgot it again. As good as Mercedes and Sam were together they were better apart. In the end they never stopped caring about each other as Mercedes told Sam it was okay for him to date Rachel    

And there was…    
         Tina Cohen-Chang played by Jenna Ushkowitz who was never really seen by the group as anything but background. She once had a crush on Blaine but fell for dancer Mike Chang played by Harry Shum Jr. in the end she would make a deal (to marry if they weren’t by 40) with Artie Abrams played by Kevin McHale, whose wheel chair never stopped him from singing, dancing and pursuing a dream to become a film director.             

But let’s not forget…
          Coach Shannon aka Sheldon Beiste (Dot-Marie Jones), Principal Figgins (Iqbal Theba), Jake, Marley, Ryder, Wade aka Unique, Kitty, Rory, Madison and her brother Mason, Jane, Spencer and Myron.

I apologize to those I have forgotten.
           Now before I begin to cry let us raise (not thrown in the face at) a cup of slushee and eat unlimited bread sticks at Breadsticks to all that appeared on the show (including the many guest stars) and the over 200 songs sung from Broadway to Pop to even some I liked when I watched MTV back in the 90s. There were mash-ups (as two songs became one) and special episodes where one artist (Brittany Spears or Michael Jackson) was at the center of that week’s “lesson”. All were good and each week everyone was a joy and inspiration to watch.

I would like to send a special thank you to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan for creating this amazing, groundbreaking, fun and sincere show. If there was a series like this on TV when I was in high school things for me (and my friends) may have been different. At least Glee got a chance to be seen and will always be a part of its fans aka Gleeks lives.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Three Ships-A picture is worth 1,(800) words

          A young man wearing a grey t-shirt and sweatpants walks into a room with book selves along the walls, there is a desk from a long ago era and standing behind it a man in his fifties looking through a file he looks up and speaks first
“Is this what you normally wear?”

The younger man answers “I am sorry sir I had just returned from my run when I was notified that you wanted to see me. I didn’t have time to change”

“You’re wet”

“Yes sir it started to ran and I forgot an umbrella.”

“How long have you been working for me Mr. Jarvis?
“Four months, three weeks, four days, six hours… he looks at his watch “and 17 minutes Mr. Andrews”

“A stickler for details that must be why Mr. Charles recommended you”

“Recommended me for what sir?”
He doesn’t answer and continues his questioning “How old are you?”

“All of 28. And you are American”

“I was born in London. My family moved to the States when I was 12”

“Yes your background check from when you were hired said you lived in New York City. But you never lost your accent.”
“Unlike SOME I am proud of where I come from.”

“An eye for detail and loyal yes I agree Mr. Charles he is the man for the job.”

Jarvis turns to see an elderly man standing by the door “Yes sir I do believe he will serve you well.”

Jarvis confused “What job? Am I being fired?”

Mr. Andrews laughs “Not at all, in fact Mr. Charles will be retiring at the end of the month and it looks like we have found his replacement.”
A surprised Jarvis asks “Me sir you want me to take over as head butler?”

Mr. Charles answers “You would be the youngest head butler this household has ever had and although you haven’t worked here for very long I know you will serve Mr. Andrews and his family the best you can “

“Mr. Charles, Mr. Andrews I am honored you have chosen me but won’t some on the staff who have been here longer think they deserve the promotion?”
Mr. Charles responds “I have already talked with the others and they understand, if any of them have a problem they will come to me and it will be settled.”

Uncertain of what “settled” meant Jarvis answers “In that case Mr. Andrews I accept the offer, thank you and I will not let you down.”
Misters Charles and Andrews leave the room. Jarvis looks up at a portrait of a young couple and follows.

As Jarvis walks down the stairs to the kitchen a young lady of the house smiles at him as she gently passes. Once in the sevents dining area he is met by several eyes staring back ate him “Everyone I just want to say that once I’m in my new position I look forward to continuing our work together. I hope for the same respect for me that you have had for Mr. Charles.” Without another word they all get back to work.

              A month later Jarvis takes his usual morning run on a beach and down a pier with a lighthouse at the end. It is an early fall windy day and the waves are crashing the pier spraying him as he runs. At the lighthouse he meets with another man in his early 40s wearing a nice black suit and a grey fedora. The man in the suit speaks first “You’re late.”

“It’s been a busy week as you know I start a new job tomorrow.”
“Yes almost a year into this investigation and the master of the house finally trust you enough to make you his right hand man.”

“I’m not sure head butler and his right hand are the same besides I really think we have it all wrong here.”
“Alfie, this is your first field assignment your job is to do what I say!”

“And we’ve been listening to chatter for almost two years, I’m beginning to have as much faith in the NSA as the rest of the American people!”
“A Presidential assassination isn’t something you make jokes about!”

“Yes but do we really think one of the richest men in England is the Assassin?!”
“Maybe not but we DO know the threats are coming from this house it could be one of the sons or perhaps the daughter?”

“If you believe that then get me the proof. The chatter is escalating and I need something to move on before it’s too late.” With that the man gets in a motor boat tired to the pier and drives off.

Back at the house Jarvis is walking down the hallway with the family’s bedrooms when the same young woman who smiled at him pulls him into her room. She closes the door and kisses him “How does it feel to be in charge?”
“Fi, I’m not in charge of anything yet and nothing about us will change.”

“But father trust you…you will be with him most of the day. He will love you as much as I do”

“I’m not his aide I will help him in the mornings and evenings the rest of the time I will still be downstairs with the cooks and other servants.”
Fiona kisses him again “I will make him love you” and she pushes him out of the room. He continues down the hall, down the spiral staircase and past Mr. Andrews’s office where the door is ajar and he hears loud whispers. They are of youngest son David and a man he has never seen, he leans in to listen.

“David once this starts there will be no stopping, we need to know that you’re all in.”
“I want this as much as The Golden Order. The Prime Minister has nothing to worry about, the President will be dead by the New Year and he will get his war.”

A maid drops a breakfast tray and Jarvis goes back to his work before he could be caught.
After dinner Mr. Charles asks to talk to Alfred Jarvis. “Mr. Jarvis before I leave for the final time I want to give this to you.” He hands Jarvis an old silver pocket watch “Mr. Charles I can’t this was your fathers.”

“And his father’s before him. I am an old bachelor who never had kids, you are a young man with a whole life ahead of you and you need to be on time working for a man like Mr. Andrews, please take it. Jarvis accepts and Mr. Charles exits the house for the final time.

Later that night Jarvis is lying in bed with Fiona, she has the pocket watch “It’s beautiful” She opens it and reads the inscription “To my son, stay true to yourself” She places it on the nightstand and leans in to kiss him, Jarvis doesn’t stop her.
At his next meeting with the man in the suit, Jarvis tells him what he has learned and the man gives him his orders.

When he gets back to the house David is waiting for him “Mr. Jarvis, Daisy was making my sister’s bed when this fell off her nightstand” He holds up the pocket watch.
“I was looking for it last night after dinner, Miss Andrews’ must have found it.”

“And I was going to return it to Mr. Jarvis after his run” Fiona appears from the dining room.
“Thank you, and now if you don’t mind I have to check on lunch.” Jarvis exits and Fiona turns to her brother.

“David I love you but my life is my own stay out of it.” She walks in the other direction leaving him alone.

        It is mid-November now and Jarvis is standing on the pier looking out at the open water when Fiona walks up behind him and places her hands on his eyes.
He responds “Whatever you want I will get it for you, don’t hurt me.”

She whispers in his ear “Why would I want to hurt you?”

Jarvis turns and they kiss then he notices that she has brought a picnic basket “I know everything that happens in this place and a picnic wasn’t on the schedule”
“I admit I had to do some sneaking around, from you and my family but with help from Daisy I wanted you to have a Happy Thanksgiving, I remember you telling me it’s your favorite American tradition.”

“I am missing my family this year, thank you, I do love you.” They kiss and are about to set up the food when a boat arrives, knowing who it is Jarvis asks Fi “Can we move this to the garden?”
“Of course”

“I’ll go check out this guy and will meet up with you in 10.” Fiona picks up the basket and begins to walk down the pier alone, Jarvis quickly meets with the man in the suit.
“What are you doing here?”

“Everything is moving into place here are your final instructions.” He tells the driver to go.

In the garden Fiona and Jarvis are enjoying their picnic when David appears “What’s going on here?”
“Dave, your sister was kind enough to make me a small yet tasty Thanksgiving meal. Would you like to join us?”

“It’s Mr. Andrews, like my father and I have a meeting.”
As he walks away Jarvis turns to Fiona “Your brother really doesn’t like me.”

               It is Christmas Eve and the household is all decorated for the holiday.
Alfred Jarvis goes into the wine cellar to collect the wine for dinner, unknown to him he is followed and the door is locked.

“Alfred Jonas Jarvis, born London England 1987 moved to the US at the age of 12, Valedictorian of his class, studied history at NYU disappeared for a few years before showing up as a BUTLER back in England. Does that sound right, so, Jarvis where were you between NYU and here?”

Alfred turns around to see a gun being pointed at his heart “I told Fi you didn’t like me but a gun really?” He tosses the bottle of wine towards David and takes his own gun from his side. They stand there guns at each for a few seconds
“Who do you work for FBI, MI-6, CIA?” Jarvis stays silent “I bet CIA. A CIA agent sleeping with my sister I have to say that is way worst then the butler a butler I could fire a federal agent I well you know.” Still no reaction from Jarvis “Whatever happened to being loyal to one’s country?”

“I love Fi! And I am loyal to country and myself! David…You don’t have to do this.”

A gunshot is heard throughout the house.