Wednesday, November 30, 2016

TV Case Study #1

Thanksgiving 2016

Because of the news media Subject A on a subconscious level already had thoughts of starting a political fight on the mind so when Subject B on a unconscious level went there a argument ensued.

Subject B said SB wasn't funny and Subject A loudly announced being a fan of SB. Each went at the argument with a different P.O.V.

Subject A believes in mind to be smarter than anyone in the room and took statement by Subject B as a political insult while Subject B was just stating a innocent opinion.

I realized after wards why this "fight "ensued

What Subject A and Subject B don't understand is that there are different types of comedy/comedians

One is a comedian who spends time on the road preforming in front of an audience and tells jokes-i.e Jon Stewart, Denis Leary and Jerry Seinfeld.

Two is a comedian who spends time preforming in front of an audience with sketches (written ahead of time or improv) i.e. those who were a part of Second City like Steve Carell, Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert

SB falls into the second category...The late night show SB host isn't suppose to be Ha Ha funny it is a series that takes a look at what is happening in the world, takes one or two stories from daily topics (mostly in politics) and comments on events with a side of humor. There are no celebrity guests or silly games.

In conclusion...
Subject A and B are both right, it just depends on how you look at the situation.

Monday, November 14, 2016

What I did.

"The state of our union is..."

A shot was hear throughout the chambers of congress. The entire room filled with panic legislators and their guests. Many ran towards the doors knocking over anyone in their way. There was confusion all around.

The other agents on that day did their jobs they got the Speaker of the House and Vice-President to safety.

I had stood by the president since the beginning. I was there when he was out on the campaign trail. I was silent as he shouted horrible things. Words that no normal human being with a heart and conscience would even think to say. I had protected many men, women and children over my career and for the most part I had no problem putting my life on the line for any of them but this man was different. I asked for another assignment but I was denied. When he was elected I thought "now they will reassign me" but when the President -Elect asked me to stay on I had no other choice so when it came time for his first state of the union I did what I was trained.

I was there.

I saw the shooter.

As The President fell to the ground I was by his side.

It was a perfect head shot and I knew there was nothing I could do.

I sat there with his head on my lap.

I leaned in and whispered into his right ear "I'm sorry sir, I couldn't do it, I could not in good conscience take the bullet for you. Your death will make this country safe and great.”

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Election 2016-Series finale Nov 8th 2016


I voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries but WILL be voting for Hillary Clinton in this election.

Any other year I'd encourage anyone who wanted to, to vote 3rd party but not this year, besides Johnson and Stein are not the brightest bulbs in the group (if I can name world leaders and know Aleppo then someone running for Pres should and while the environment is a good issues to run on it’s not the only one, gun laws and reproductive rights are also on the ballot). We do not have the privilege to risk the consequences! When you vote I ask you to remember what happened in 2000 (to younger voters I was your age then, voted for 1st time and will NEVER forget) and I wonder what the world would be like today if people hadn't voted for Nader because Gore wasn't progressive enough.

Bernie may not be the nominee but he proved that Liberals/Democrats really wouldn't mind some “socialism” if he takes that back to congress and keeps the fire to the Dems feet (and we vote for congressional/senate candidates who support Democrat Platform) then he has won.

Hillary may have not be my first choice (why does whenever someone say they dislike and won’t vote for Trump but can’t vote for Hillary sound as if she did something personal to them, like killed their dog?) but Hillary’s “lies” and "scandals" aren't anything to be concerned about or even proof of who she really is, unlike Trump's lies, lawsuits, bankruptcies (unpaid workers) and just plain nastiness (racist sexist bigot) that do show who he has been for decades!

I think someone who has wanted the job for 30 years isn’t a bad thing and better for the country than a man who I (and actor Bryan Cranston) believe wants the title of Pres. of the United States, but not the actual job.

Compared to the rest Hillary is my choice!!! (Also I really want to see Bill Clinton pick out the White House Christmas decorations and tend to Michelle Obama’s garden #FirstLadyDuties)

No media I am NOT voting for Hillary just to keep Donald out of the White House-This is not a choice between lesser evils. A majority of the GOP thinks life was better in America 50 years ago (when they were kids and*) But this America, the one Trump wants when he says "Make America Great Again" stands for a US that only benefited straight, white men(*had no idea what life was like for Women, LGBTQ and African-Americans). So yeah, the choice is clear (In other words, if you had 2 resumes one with 1st lady, US senator, US Sec’y of state and the other with multiple business failures but the buildings and golf courses are nice and neither had names attached in front of you, you would choose the most qualified)

To voters not wanting to choose between the 2 least likeable/unfavorable candidates in decades, I say even if this election doesn't directly impact your life, it will for millions of Americans and it would be stupid to throw away your vote (Think of those who fought for the right to vote like Susan B Anthony) I loved voting for Obama and feel the same if not more excited to vote for Hillary Clinton

If I haven’t convinced you yet I will leave you with one final thought – -- “When your people say they hate you, don’t come crawling back to me”-King George (Hamilton: An American Musical)