Sunday, October 30, 2016

Glenn Rhee (TV appearance 2010-2016)

Yes I feel bad because Abraham and many others died before Glenn but if I wrote a eulogy for every character who died on The Walking Dead this blog would be filled up with death and sadness.

To his unborn child… I want to say…                                              

Glenn, you were a pizza delivery boy before the zombie apocalypse but in the six seasons in which you appeared on the show you grew into one amazing man. From the moment I first heard a voice over a walkie talkie calling Rick a “dumbass” I knew Glenn was someone special.

Glenn, you were my favorite out of the original characters and I enjoyed every minute you were on my TV screen.

You helped Rick when he was still a stranger but became quick friends. You fell at first sight in love with Maggie while helping her out on her father’s farm.

You survived The CDC, Hershel’s Farm, Woodberry with The Governor, The Prison, Terminus and countless Walker mobs, including the time you had to hide under a dumpster only to be killed by Negan and his Lucille.

You were funny, romantic, kind, loyal and brave.

I, as well as all those you left behind at Alexandria, will always love and will never forget you.

Someday “I will find you” again.

Until then Rest in Peace Glenn.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Just saying

I have often said this blog was inspired by the TV Worth Watching one, so when the creator of that blog was recovering from surgery this summer I found it difficult to know when my shows were on then this happen-

Welcome back! The place hasn't been the same without you. When Best Bets was away it was difficult to know what was on TV but I still read the great TVWW crew everyday. I am happy you took as much time as was needed to get fix and recover. Now back to our regular schedule programming.
Oct 21, 2016   |  Reply
David Bianculli-TV Worth Watching Blog Creator                                                  
Dear Sarah, You're one of the most faithful and tenured readers on the site, so it's especially great to hear from you. Thanks! And I agree: I've got a great crew of friends and colleagues here, and they not only kept the ship afloat -- they launched a series of international party cruises. While I, meanwhile, just kicked back and stretched out on the Lido deck...

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Legends of Tomorrow season 2

Another one of my favorite shows the premiered last season Legends of Tomorrow is a fun full of superheroes fast paced hour on the CW. Time travelling heroes, there is nothing more I have to say but if that doesn’t interest you let me add on---

Victor Garber (who I became a fan of through 1997 film Titanic) plays Dr. Martin Stein who is ½ of Firestorm. Eldest team member he is a scientist and keeps Jefferson, youngest member (Franz Drameh), Firestorm’s other half, under control.

Arthur Darvill (who I became a fan of through Doctor Who) continues his time travelling odyssey as Time Master/Captain Rip Hunter. He is the leader or the group and is the one who was from the future and came to 2016 using his ship the WaveRider to find and put together this raggedy bunch and turn them into heroes.

Brandon Routh (who I 1st saw in Superman Returns as Superman) is Ray Palmer, who was 1st seen on Arrow when he gained control of Green Enterprises. Using science he was able to create a mental suit to make him fly and help him in a fight.

Caity Lotz who plays Sara Lance aka Yellow Canary who also first appeared on Arrow as one of the characters sister who came back to life after being killed twice.

Clara Renee who plays Kendra aka Hawkgirl and reason this story began. You see Kendra and her true love first met in ancient Egypt and because of a curse have died many times over only to travel through time to kill their enemy forever

Dominic Purcell who plays Mick Rory a bad guy named by Cisco originally on The Flash he and his partner Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) used their powers of fire and ice to wreak havoc on Central City.

When it comes to Legends of Tomorrow there is no such thing as too many heroes on one team!