Saturday, August 20, 2016

To whom it may concern re: Ghostbusters (2016)

 The movie was better than I thought it would be but…

Much like the doctor who is not allowed to operate on a family member or the lawyer who knows if he or she represents self then they have a fool for a client and because of my “relationship” with the movie (Been performing it as a one women show for most of my life) I cannot/will not be reviewing the new Ghostbusters movie. 

Instead I well think of it as a sequel. I didn’t like Ghostbusters 2 as much as the original either. I don’t think it was as good because once you know the Ghostbusters can save the city it’s not as surprising or good when they do it again.(The library/historical home ghost didn’t even scare me this time, now I know about special effects)

These are funny women can’t Hollywood come up with something new and better for them? Then again I was watching TCM the other day and the host was introducing a 1950s film that was a shot by shot/scene by scene same as a 1930s film so I guess they have been doing remakes/reboots for decades.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

One last Tonightly

I tried Larry Wilmore I tweeted, posted and told anyone who didn’t like The Nightly Show to give it another try but if what comedy central said was true I guess I was the one. Now to those who didn’t watch you have missed out on a heck of a show. Yes the issues Wilmore talked about were hard to hear but they were important and needed to be discussed. I actually learned much about race issues from the show and its contributors and if I am Keepin it 100 that is saying a lot for this 36 year old white girl who has always judged a person on what they are on the inside not out..

So here is to Larry Wilmore, Rory Albanese, Ricky Velez, Mike Yard, Robin Thede, Grace Parra, Franchesca Ramsey, Jordan Carlos, Holly Walker and all who worked on the show. You were awesome and loved. I will never forget The Y Files, Pardon the Integration, #HashItOut, Soul Larry and all of the other segments on the show.

You made me laugh a lot but more important unlike other late night shows you made me think and were a smart show from day one. We the viewer may have only had The Nightly Show for 20 months but it made those who watch better people.

GOOD LUCK in the future to all involved