Friday, March 31, 2017

Grimm October 28 2011-March 31 2017

Every year you aired I was worried it would be your last, now that the show is actually ending it is time to say goodbye.

Grimm-you were a strange show about a man who could see creatures beneath their human face.(wesen) You started as a show about fairytales coming to life but became so much more.

Nick Burkhardt, played by David Giuntoli, you saw things that no one could see, you knew things that most did not. At first you didn’t understand your power but would eventually use what you learned about yourself and others for good and save those who needed help. You were a good man and an even better Grimm.

But let’s not forget those who stood by you side and helped you fight from beginning to end-

There was Juliette, played by Bitsie Tulloeh, a woman you loved and almost married.

Hank, played by Russell Hornsby, your partner and friend who didn’t believe in your “power” at first but was there with you on every case.

Wu, played by Reggie Lee, another cop who would become a creature himself

Rosalee, played by Bree Turner, a cute and beautiful fox-like wesen, called a Fuchsbau who ran the local spice shop and knew the most about the magical world you and her were born into.

Trubel, played by Jacqueline Toboni, a young Grimm who you would teach and help so she could be as good as you

With friends comes enemies-

There was the Adalind, played by Claire Coffee, a witch-like wesen called a Hexenbiest, who hated everything about you until she didn’t.

And for years you battled with Captain Sean Renard, played by Sasha Roiz, a magical beast called a Zauberbiest who was part of wesen royalty. His and your fight on screen was a joy to watch and became the ultimate battle between good and evil.

As much as I loved you, Nick the Grimm, and those I have already mentioned the character I loved the most was Monroe, played by Silas Weir Mitchell. A wolf-like wesen called a Blutbad who fixed clocks by day and helped Nick discover his true self and was a loyal friend who was there to lend a hand whenever one was needed. (If I could own a piece of the Grimm set I would want the door to Monroe’s cabin, it had a beautiful stained-glass picture of a wolf)

The place was Portland, Oregon. The time was 2011-2017. The show was about folklore and fairytales with many different kinds of wesen, good and evil and a police Detective named Nick who saw things most could not. Though at times Grimm was scary every episode was entertaining.

Farewell sweet Grimm. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review for The Flash “Duet”

When I first learned of a musical crossover I was like heck yeah this is a great idea. I mean if you are a TV network where half of your lineup are shows ripped from DC heroes and have a talent pool that includes Misters Barrowman, Garber and Martin and 2 Glee alumni why not add a 3rd (the wonderful and adorable Darren Criss) and have a musical extravaganza.

This week’s episode of The Flash entitled "Duet" was a lot of fun and in a plot about Barry (The Flash) and Kara (Supergirl) dreaming of being inside a movie musical everything was beautiful. As I watch I felt like the actors were having a fun day on the job. The original songs and those that weren’t were perfectly matched to the story and characters. At one point I felt pure enjoyment for in years passed as I listened to my Rent soundtrack over and over till I memorized it or watched Titanic till I memorized it or watched episode after episode of Torchwood, some of which I have memorized I never thought I would see, in my mind, Tom Collins, Mr. Andrews and Captain Jack Harkness sing one song at the same time and nothing could have been better. You could tell with their voices that Jesse L Martin, Victor Garber and John Barrowman got their start in the theater as they performed to the back roll.

I knew Grant Gustin aka The Flash himself could sing but the tap dancing was a nice surprise.

As for guest star Darren Criss as The Music Meister I have found a new favorite character and would love to see and learn more about him.

The rest of the cast were wonderful and I did not want the hour to end (I will watch it again and again)

Funny, cute and did not disappoint with a perfect song to end another great episode of The Flash

Friday, March 10, 2017

The Vampire Diaries 2009-2017

Although you jumped the shark three seasons ago I still mourn you.

Here is to the Vampires, Witches, Werewolves and humans of Mystic Falls, Virginia.
It all started with a girl named Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), an orphan who was being raised by her Aunt met new guy in town Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). Elena and her friends Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham), a young up and coming witch and Caroline Forbes (Candice King) were all intrigued buy the new guy and his older brother Damon  (Ian Somerhalder). When Elena found out Stefan was a vampire turned by a women named Kathrine, who looked just like her (aka Elena's doppelganger) during the American Civil War instead of being afraid of him she fell madly in love with him and for 8 years their story would unfold.

A story of love, loss and betrayal. A story with a plethora of characters from all over the supernatural world. There was Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) Elena's younger brother who would die and come back to life only to become a demon hunter. There was Tyler Lockwood (Michael Trevino) who was part of the most prestigious family in Mystic Falls but he would soon find out that being a member of his family wasn't all it was cracked up to be when he accidentally killed someone and unleashed a curse turning him into a werewolf. Matt Donovan the only character that stayed human throughout the series and became sheriff of the town. Enzo (Michael Malarkey) a vampire who fist appeared in 2013 as a "old friend" of Damon's. The Vampire Dairies was the first time we met the Mikealson family-Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, Cole and Finn who were the original vampires and would go on to have their own series called The Originals which, in my opinion, is a far better series. Finally there was Alaric (Matt Davis) who I have to admit was my favorite character and although he wasn't anything supernatural he was a good man with good principles. He fought alongside and against the rest and was there for any who needed him, in death and life he was the one everyone could count on.

Farewell to The Vampire Dairies-To ALL who came through this crazy fun town you will be missed but will "always and forever" live on in my heart.