Monday, November 24, 2014

St Vincent-A surprising and sweet film

I’m not a religious person but I do borrow some parts of each religion that I find fun and helpful as I move through this thing called life. Catholic Saints are one aspect of religion I find interesting and this film takes Sainthood to the next level :)

St. Vincent is a movie about an elderly man named Vincent played by the great Bill Murray (who I have watched and loved my entire life) and a boy named Oliver played by newcomer Jaeden Lieberher. When we first meet Vin he is your typical grumpy old man who enjoys smoking, gambling and just being left alone. His home which he shares with his cat, Felix (Pepper and Jigger) is a mess inside and out. At first he and his new neighbors, Melissa McCarthy as Oliver's mother, do not get along but when Oliver needs Vincent's help on his first day of school it is revealed to us that relationships can change.

Written and directed by Theodore Melfi, St Vincent is an unexpected beautiful surprise. All of the actors are perfectly fitting in their roles, including Naomi Watts who plays Daka, a loveable “dancer”, Chris O’Dowd who plays Oliver’s Catholic school teacher and Terrence Howard who plays Zucko an “acquaintance” of Vin’s. I don’t know where Murray got his Brooklyn accent but it was enjoyable to listen to and rounded off this character that you may not usually hang out with but once you’ve learned more about the man you wanted to be his friend. Everyone had excellent chemistry with each other but the scenes between Murray and Lieberher were the best, so much so that when Oliver has to get up in front of his class and family for a presentation I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. 

St. Vincent is a sweet, small film perfect for most ages young and old, No one left until the credits finished rolling.