Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How I watch TV...

As someone who watches 40 -50 hours of prime time TV each week (Sometimes I wish it were possible for my brain to process and watch more then one series at a time) Unfortunately I can't and I have to make my TV work overtime. So everyday and every show I watch I have listed in three categories 1. WATCH "LIVE" 2. RECORD and 3. WATCH ONLINE OR ON DEMAND.

6 days a week (for some reason the only show on Saturday is SNL) from 8-11pm there is a new challenge. Let me take one of the more complicated nights of the season so far---THURSDAY

8pm-The Big Bang Theory and Up All Night--I watch
         The Vampire Dairies--I record
         Last Resort and 30 Rock--I on demand

9pm-Grey's Anatomy--I watch
         Person of Interest--I record
         Glee, The Office, Parks and Recreation and Beauty and the Beast--I on demand/online

10pm-Elementary--I watch
          Scandall--I record

That adds up to 10.5 hours! And it is a lot harder to watch everything then one may think, it may not be heart surgery but it takes talent to keep it all straight and remember this plethora of shows everyday. (Trust me I have forgotten and then ended up falling a week or more behind a few times). I spend most of my weekend just catching up and watching what I missed.

40 hours a week isn't that when most working people are at their jobs? Maybe I should start getting paid for all this work? ;)

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