Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Some good thoughts on The Lone Ranger movie...

Do you like westerns? Do you like trains? Do you like Johnny Depp? Then I have a movie for you!

The Lone Ranger-Yes it is predictable and silly but it is fun and we all need some fun in our lives once in a while. The film tells the story of why and how a wannabe small town lawyer became The Lone Ranger played by I like him more every time I see him Armie Hammer. When John Reid returns to his hometown bad guy Butch Cavendish played brilliantly by William Fichtner escapes custody and it is up to him and his brother (James Badge Dale) to track him down to face the music. When tragedy hits his family John has to find Butch on his own, while maybe not ALL on his own, enter Tonto played by the always great Johnny Depp. Once the two team up the real action begins.

This movie has all the basics of a western- the bad guy, the good guy (in a white hat) the "side kick", the possible love interest (Ruth Wilson) and the horse. The horse in this case being the best part of the film and what he has to do (or seems to do) to help The Lone Ranger and Tonto is beyond amazing and sweat. At first the two man do not get along in fact Tonto believes that John's brother was the better person and law man but eventually they learn to trust each other and work together to get Butch and fixed each of theirs past.

The movie is about friendship and family. It has funny lines and parts and sad ones. It has comedy and some amazing stunts ( including two awesome train sequences/chases)  to move along all the action and adventure. If for no other reason one should see the movie for the beautiful scenery as the film shot all over the south west (Utah, Colorado and California). With the help of his long time make-up artist Depp once again invents a wonderful and crazy but perfect character (along with Edward Scissorhands, The Mad Hatter and Captain Jack Sparrow). Helena Bonham Carter has a small but excellent role.

Do they get the bad guy? Does The Lone Ranger get the girl? And why does he where a mask?
To find out check out this popcorn summertime flick and go see The Lone Ranger!

Hi Ho Silver Away!

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