Sunday, August 30, 2015

Falling Skies 2011-2015

For five seasons during the summer months the 2ed Mass fought bravely against alien attackers known as The Espheni. This group of men, women and even children were at the front line of combat as they tried to save earth and to restore normalcy to its human inhabitants. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle, the reason I started and continued to watch) a college history professor before the war, took his three sons, Hal (Drew Roy), Ben (Connor Jessup) and Matt (Maxim Knight) and became their leader and a force to be reckon with. Mason along with Col. Weaver (Will Patton) transformed the people they found along the way into soldiers and each did what they could to fight and survive. Whether it was a group of skitters or Overlords they bled and died for each other.

Tom Mason who lost his wife, pre-series was the heart and soul of the 2ed Mass. He did his best to keep everything and everyone under control.

Hal, his oldest son, always by his side and defended his father whenever someone disagreed with Tom’s tactics.

Ben, the middle one, who went missing early on in the war only for the aliens to make him more like them by implanting spikes down his spine and forced him to work for them. Tom found him early in the first season and quickly learned that they could communicate with The Espheni through the spikes.

Matt, the youngest who just wanted to help his father and learned everything he could along the way.

Col.  Dan Weaver, was Tom’s number two go to guy. We all cried when he found his daughter only to lose her after being partly turned into a skitter.

Anne (Moon Bloodgood) who was a pediatrician before the war lost her husband and son pre-series became the 2ed Mass doctor. Fell in love and married Tom then became pregnant and gave birth to a half human half alien girl, Lexi, who had a growth spurt only to die while helping her father destroy Espheni space “headqueters”

John Pope (Colin Cunningham) who was never a team player and whose dislike of Tom would be his downfall

Maggie (Sarah Carter), kickass loner who fell for Hal

And (my favorite) Cochise (Doug Jones), a commander of the alien species known as The Volm. A separate group of aliens who are fighting the Espheni alongside the humans. A great help and friend to Tom

There were others, of course, who came and went throughout the series and all just as good as the last. Even when they were separated they found new ways to continue the fight knowing that they would be reunited and stronger then before. Falling Skies was a wonderful show with a great cast and I looked forward to it and enjoyed every moment each season. I raise my glass for one final toast and goodbye to the 2ed Mass., they were all heroes, the best of the best in humanity and we shall never forget them.  


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