Sunday, March 6, 2016

A last look inside Downton Abby (Series Spoilers)

A British series about a well to do English family and the servants who worked for them. During the first half of the 1st season I admit I wasn’t yet interested in the story but I continued to watch and became a fan the show..

The Family-
          There was matriarch Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham played by Maggie Smith a lady of means and power with a good soul, the patriarch and her son Robert Crawley Earl of Grantham played by Hugh Bonneville, who in the beginning was unmovable in his way a running things but realized as time moved forward change was a good thing so along with his American wife and heart of the show Cora Crawley Countess of Grantham played by Elizabeth McGovern and their three daughters, Lady Sybil Crawley played by Jessica Brown Finlay a out spoken women who died early on in the series while giving birth, Lady Mary Crawley played by Michelle Dockery the eldest who had to marry but grew to love Matthew Crawley played by Dan Stevens to keep Downton in the family, unfortunitly he was killed in a car accident as Mary gave birth to a son George (but at least Downton would stay in the family)  as keeper of the family legacy she become a important part of keeping up appearances, even talking her mother-in-law Isobel Crawley played by Penelope Wilton to stay to become a good friend of the dowager countess and a person anyone could lean on and finally there was poor Lady Edith Crawley played by Laura Carmichael who had a tough love life but with a magazine she inherited from the father of her daughter Marigold she will hopefully finally find happiness.

The Servants-

         Let me begin with Tom Branson, the chauffer played by Allen Leech who had a mind all his own and would quickly fall in love with Sybil and eventually become part of the family as he raised their daughter Sibby, Mr.(John) Bates played by Brendan Coyle who was the personal valet to Robert and spent some time in prison for a crime he didn’t commit he would marry fellow Downton servant Anna played Joanne Froggatt she was Mary’s personal lady’s maid and each other’s confidant, Mr. (Charles)Carson played by Jim Carter who was head butler and in charge of the entire household and mostly knew everything happening around him he fell in love with and married Mrs. Hughes played by Phyllis Logan who was the head housekeeper and in charge of the female servants, Mr. Thomas Barrow played by Rob James-Collier the “villain” of our story who desperately wanted to be head butler and with fellow servant Sarah O’Brian (Siobhan Finneran),early in the series did everything he could to destroy Bates and Carson while being a homosexual at a time period when it was illegal, Mrs. Patmore played by Lesley Nicol head cook and heart and cheerleader to all the servants but especially to her assistant Daisy played by Sophie McShera who married a fellow servant with whom she did not love but felt obligated to him as he (and other) household members went off to fight in the war, he died never knowing the truth but she befriended his father and helped him with his farm for the rest of the series, an all-around good girl who wants to and will be more than just a servant.

And to all I didn’t mention I didn’t forget you there was 6 seasons and too many who have come through and gone out the doors of this beautiful home.       

       Thank you Julian Fellowes for creating a magnificent little soapy series. Downton Abby you taught me a lot about a certain way of life in England in the early 20th century and for that I will be grateful. I will miss but never forget all of the wonderful characters, even when they made me laugh, mad or sad I loved each one. So for one last time I dress in my finest for dinner and allow the servants to join in as I raise a glass of fine champagne to those we have lost and those we just met.

You are all now and will forever be a part of my family.

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