Friday, January 20, 2017

Forty-Five Suicide

It was 1 year, 3 months and 19 days into his Presidency.

On a Wednesday at 2:15pm all of the networks interrupted their regular schedule programing for BREAKING NEWS...White House on Lockdown

"There is an active shooter situation at The White House, at this time we have no details on any victims or who the shooter is."

"It has been two hours and no official information has come from The White House but witnesses  outside and passing by said they heard multiple gun shots"

"We are now five hours and 18 minutes into a lockdown at The White House and can report that three people have been shot including a secret service agent. No word on any fatalities”

"Nothing new since our last report but we will stay on the air for as long as the lockdown continues."

"The sun is rising on the east coast and it has been confirmed that The President was in the resident at the start of the lockdown but is now in the oval office.”

“This just in…BREAKING NEWS…We are getting reactions from inside the White House from Facebook and Twitter. There are seven people injured, one in serious condition.”

“We’ve been on the air for 24 hours”

“The first lady is in the room with the shooter. She is talking to him and trying to calm all involved.”

“The President’s youngest son was at school when the lockdown began he is now with his two adult brothers. The President’s two daughters are on lockdown at his NYC home.”

“We now go to Representative Michael Davis a Democrat from California who was with the President hours before the lockdown.”

“The President’s impeachment hearings have been postponed”

“Joining us to explain what could be happening inside the White House at this time is former FBI director Jason Maddow.”

BREAKING NEWS…”A suspicious bag has been found on the steps of The Lincoln Memorial.”

“The D.C. Police are at The Lincoln Memorial”

“Some staff, including those close to The President have been allowed to exit The White House.”

“American Airlines flight 247 has just hit Dumtp Tower in NYC”

“The President has not tweeted in 32 hours”

“We have Diana Jones, Staff Secutary to the administration on the phone…Ms. Jones are you there?”

“We are watching closely as D.C. police continue to work on the situation at The Lincoln Memorial.”

“We are now 50 hours into the lockdown at the White House and have yet to hear from The President.”

BREAKING NEWS…“The bag left at The Lincoln Memorial was a green backpack with the incials S.D. It was filled with school papers and a laptop.”

“This just in…”

“We are in the third day of White House on Lockdown.”

The screen goes to black

“All has gone silent as we wait for official word of the situation.”

“We were wrong, we were wrong all along. There was one gunshot. It was self-inflicted. We can now report… BREAKING NEWS…The President has committed suicide. The President has died. It is 1:22 pm on the east coast and if you have just turned on your TV or radio we have confirmed The 45th President of the United States is dead at 72.”

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