Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blog within a blog-NCIS: Los Angeles 301&302

Spoilers--Ok truth time I didn't just start to watch NCIS:LA because it was a spin-off of NCIS (more on that series later) but the main reason was that I have been a fan of Chris O'Donnell since I was 13 and for the past 18 years have watched every movie and TV show he has been a part of. That being said I want to see if I can have a mini blog and write a little something about NCIS: LA each week.  Let me start with last week which was the season premiere and we got to see the conclusion of out wonderful team in Romania. Callen remembered another small piece of his missing life, Deeks and Kensi got to play honeymoon couple or was it brother and sister? Hetty had a nice conversation with the head of the family who is trying to kill Callen and new ops manager Hunter got to prove her loyalty. This week it was three months later and the team was back (almost intact) in L.A. to solve a case of a DOD hacker. Yes it is a “cop procedural” and yet I enjoy it as much, more then the three CSIs and The Mentalist. As I was saying this week a hacker was kidnapped and the team had to get right back to work. They broke up in their teams of two. Deeks and Kensi went undercover at the family of the victims house (Deeks looking good in the tennis teacher outfit). Poor Eric, who is this new tech Hunter, hired and I would not insult Nell if I were her. Another reason I watch is all of the L.A. locations but as far as the actually sets go as much as I love the Ops center my favorite is the secret safe house known as and is The Boathouse. Also I know when the series started all the talk was about the chemistry between LL Cool J and Chris but I have to say the scenes and little chats between Hetty and Callen are so much better, there is just something sweet yet more, something I can’t put my finger on between them. In the end the hacker tuned out to be someone they and the viewer was not expecting. And yes Callen I am with Hetty -you will figure out who you are, I just hope it’s not for many years to come.

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