Friday, September 23, 2011

Eulogy for All My Children

It’s weird to think that the cancellation of a long running Soap Opera can feel as bad as the death of a loved one, but to someone who has watched All My Children for the last 19 years it does.
AMC, no matter what mood I was in Mad. Glad or Sad you were always there for me and made my life a little better. You were a TV series that was there for me everyday. I fell in love with you one summer and when school started up I couldn’t wait to get off the bus to see what happened, which could be why my grades weren’t that great, but once you got me hooked I never wanted to let go. A few of those days my VCR for one reason or another let’s say “forgot “to record an episode and when I found out I missed it I was not happy and I honestly felt confused and lost.
I watched for the stories you told and the people who lived in or were just passing through Pine Valley. I’ve attended more weddings (Those that happened, interrupted or left at the alter) and funerals (those deaths that were fake and those who came back from death) then I wish to in real life and witnessed more births then I ever wanted to. With each I was right there crying with you. All the couples (on and off screen) were fun to watch. Whether they were fighting or making up, mostly it was Erica Kane with one man or another- I mean the woman had 10 weddings, seriously 10! I tuned in every single day.
So as I sat watching every character-Good, my funny and sweet Tad Martin or Evil, the man every fan loves to hate Dr. David Hayward, I knew it was time well spent.
I felt like Pine Valley PA was my home and every resident in the past 19 years one of my friends, family members, enemy and neighbor. I will miss watching every weekday at . Truth be told there were times when I disliked a storyline but I still didn’t want to miss an episode so I watched knowing that it had to get better.
 Through all the tornados, hurricanes, twins(good, evil and unknown), kidnappings, paternity tests and baby switches, the unkown to there dad or mom kids who showed up in town and made themselves known, SORAS, EXPLOSIONS, car crashes, gunshots- especially those that were heard and not seen and on a Friday so the cliffhanger made the viewer wait and wonder all weekend. Every murder that resulted in multiple suspects and a lengthy police investigation followed by crazy courtroom hijacks I was there. Heck I have to say it was a lot more interesting then what was happening in my town
I could go on and on but I guess all good things must come to an end.
I will miss everything about All My Children.
Thank you Agnes Nixon and the great casts and crews throughout the years who have been involved with this great daytime show. .

To General Hospital- I have watched you for a few years now and I may never love you as much as AMC but I do promise to be there and support you everyday you are still on the air.

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