Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Academy Award nominated short films

This year I was able to watch ALL of the short films nominated for Oscar. I have to say it was a nice trip around the world.

Live Action

Pentecost from Ireland- A young boy would rather be watching/playing football then being an Alter boy for a special mass. Very cute and funny.

Raju German/India- A German couple travels to India to adopt a 4 year old boy. When the child, Raju disappears they learn the truth about his parents.

The Shore Northern Ireland- A man returns to his hometown after living in The U.S. most of his adult life and reunites with an ex-love and an old friend and realize they never had to stop being friends. Beautiful setting, sweet story and a fun chase scene that involves a woman on a horse and a group of men running from “the law”.

Time Freak The U.S.- A quirky cute film about a guy who invents a time machine and keeps traveling one week into the past and has to have the same conversations with the same people until he gets it right or gives up. His friend helps him with his travel problems.

Tuba Atlantic Norway- A 70 year old man learns that he only has 6 days to live. With the help of his very own Angel of Death he tries to contact his estranged brother that he believes lives in New Jersey not by e-mail, text of a simple phone call but through sound waves with a giant homemade tuba. Will it work? What about all those pesky seagulls?


Dimanche/Sunday from Canada- A day in the life a boy and how he spends a usual Sunday. A train, church and grandma.

A Morning Stroll-Past, Present and Future a man passes a chicken during his daily walk down a city street, enough said.

La Luna- Pixars latest short film. A grandfather and father teach their grand/son who they are and what they do as a family one night on the moon. Shiny stars!

Wild Life- An Englishman travels to the Canadian frontier in the 1940s to become a rancher, writes letters home that sound better then what is actually happening. His life parallels that of a comet somehow.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore-A film about a man and the stories/books/words in his life. Sweet and sad but beautifully made and amazing to look at.

ALL TEN films show and are good examples of what any talented filmmaker can do with a short amount of time.
Excellent and Bravo!

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