Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Commercial Alert-Dog Food

Have you seen the one with the dog, I think it’s a black lab, walking in a field with his male owner? The ad is from the point of view of the dog as he walks with a tennis ball in his mouth the viewer hears his thoughts.
“It’s our favorite, yours and mine because we found it together on a walk…..”
“…a walk I smelled squirrels on but I stayed by your side because I could tell, could feel that you hade a bad day and me being bad wouldn’t make it any better, but being there was already helping a little anyway.”
“….and you smiled and threw it! And I decided right when I picked it up I would never leave it anywhere, ever, because that wonderful bouncy roll around thing had made you play and that had made you smile.” Then the human voice over says “Put more play in your day.”
I do not work for Beneful but every time I see this commercial I shed a tear and smile, then I have to hug my two pups, tell them I love them and I just know that they understand.  I think this is the type of ad Don Draper and the others over at SCDP wish they came up with.
Don’t fast forward but watch the commercials and you just might see it.

P.S. it also reminds me of one of my favorite Michael Easton (John McBain on One Life to Live and General Hospital) poems called Mad Dog in the Neighborhood.
So Sad and so sweet

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