Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Newsroom

I have to start by stating that I have been a fan (more then a fan he is someone I inspire to be) of Aaron Sorkin since the first episode of SportsNight 14 years ago and have watched every series created by him since (including the short lived but wonderful Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). Mr. Sorkin also wrote one of my favorite films The American President, first came to Hollywood with A Few Good Men and won the Oscar for adopting The Social Network and nominated again for co-writing Moneyball. That being said The Newsroom is Aaron Sorkin at his best! As in The West Wing the characters speak at a rate in which a normal person may be incapable and do so while walking and preforming other tasks at the same time. Mr. Sorkin writes about what he knows and cares about and is not afraid to have his characters speak for him (which can get one into trouble sometimes).

The Newsroom takes place in our recent past (the series opens in April of 2010). The first scene has the central character Will McAvoy played by the magnificent Jeff Daniels in the middle of a talk show having what can only be described as a breakdown live on TV. A week later he returns to his news show only to find that most of his staff has left him for another time slot including his producer. He is now in a office with just a handful of people that he does not know by name including his assistant (who quickly gets promoted) Maggie (Allison Pill) and his blogger Neal (Dev Patel). That is when Will's boss Charlie (Sam Waterston) hires him a new executive producer Mackenzie MacHale played by Emily Mortimer and she brings along her own co-producer Jim Harper (John Gallagher Jr.). Early on the viewer learns that Will and Mackenzie has had a past romantic relationship information that spills out to the rest of the office. Olivia Munn also stars.
Speaking of spills as I said this series begins about two years ago. Just as this new news team are re-vamping their show the news about the BP oil spill breaks and they move into action. Mr. Sorkin's genus also appears here when actual footage and people are used to tell the story. Although we know what will happen next and how the events (including the Arizona papers please act) all turn out it is still amazing to watch. After all this is the news show we as a public want and deserve!

If you want to watch a smart, witty, fast pace, well written, well acted and just all around GOOD series then tune into HBO on Sunday nights at 10 for The Newsroom.

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