Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 years ago today...first drafted 2012,updated 2015

I was in NYC attending a live taping of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart...

Jon Stewart or J-Stew as his friends call him  well what is there to say? I became a fan of Jon's during his 90s short lived MTV talk show called...The Jon Stewart Show.

In 1999 he became host of The Daily Show. I had just started college and was a long way from home and needed some cheering up. A year later the nation knew who to turn to at our time of crisis, thus Indicision 2000 was born. Since then the show helped us get through a lot, including the most stressful times of our modern history known as The Bush Years. We laughed, we cried, there were many bad inpressions. I personally don't think I would have made it through without him.

Throughout his career Jon also made a couple of movies. Now he is the first to tell you he is not an "actor" BUT I do have to admit every time he stands up in Big Daddy and says "As that boys father I refuse to press charges!" I cry a little.

Jon Stewart from all of your fans--Thank you life would suck without you! 

Tonight as we learn he is leaving The Daily Show all I have to add is late night TV is changing and he will be missed I am sure I will still watch the show but it will not be the same.
Good Luck Jon Stewart and I look forward to your next adventure.

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