Thursday, May 16, 2013

Goodbye to The Office 2005-2013

I know that if I had to work in a cubicle or at a desk in a office I would be miserable, but the cast of characters on the British turned American sitcom called The Office may have made the job bearable, if nothing else more fun and laughable.

So here is a final farewell to Jim and Pam as we watched them fall in love while they tormented the terrible Dwight who had an on again off again relationship with uptight Angela.
Speaking a couples who never knew if they were a couple here's to temp Ryan and Kelly Kapoor.
To Toby in HR who nobody liked and Darryl in charge of the warehouse.
To unknowing Kevin and sweet Phyllis, strange Meredith and odd Creed.
To Stanley and Oscar, Andy and Erin.
And newbies Clark and Nate
with Holly and Nellie
 and to Gabe, David Wallace and all the rest.
But there would have been no story to tell, no documentary to be made if it weren't for the the craziest boss to have had
Michael Scott you will always be missed but still in our hearts.

Goodbye to a series that gave us lots of love and laughs.
And Good Luck to a great crew and awesome cast!

Addition 5/24/13

 There a times when I need to prepare myself to watch a season or series finale and this was one of those times and a week later I finally got up the courage to watch the final episode of The Office.

I have to say it was one of the best series finales I have seen in a long time. It had everything it needed for this particular show to conclude on. Like with most sitcoms there was a wedding but unlike the others this wedding wasn't sappy or beautiful. The couple was unusual but throughout the series you knew they were perfect for each other and their wedding day was done in complete crazy Dwight Schrute style.

The episode as a whole was funny, sweet and fun. Old cast members (Steve Carell was wonderful even if he was only on for a moment) returned and mixed right in with the new.

Most importantly the story had and ending and questions were answered. Why was this "documentary" being made and how did it really affect its participants? The answers may surprise you:)

At the end of every series I cry but this one was different, I cried but for the first time I felt as if these characters were going to be okay, even though I would no longer be allowed into their lives.

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