Friday, May 10, 2013

Ode To Pine Valley

I originally wrote this July 26 2001 and now that we are 2 weeks into All My Children 2.0 (watch on Hulu, Hulu Plus or iTunes) it was time to share.

Monica and Chandler got married, Richard Bay was shot, Darma and Greg's car flipped over and to top it all off the President announced he had MS, when another season was over I thought I would be lost then I remembered the one show I watch everyday at one o'clock. No matter what mood I am in glad, mad or sad the gang from Pine Valley always cheer me up. There are murders and scandals, love lost and love found and every once in a while something unexpected comes along. Although at times the plots makes me angry and I threaten to stop I still tune in the next day to see what transpires. Compared to prime time TV and all the rest All My Children is still the best. it is sexier then Sex and the City, deeper the Six Feet Under, smarter then Jeopardy and more real then reality TV. I watch (or tape) everyday just to see the characters stories unwrap. So whether someone is getting married or in jail it makes me feel better to know that my life could always be worse then theirs. That is why I watch each episode from beginning to end and even though it is just a TV show I consider it a friend.

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