Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Goodbye to Burn Notice

"When you're burned, you've got nothing: no cash, no credit, no job history...."

   When Burn Notice premiered on The USA Network in  2007 I tuned in to see my favorite “B” list actor Bruce Campbell (Whom I fell in love with while watching the short lived but brilliant The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.) and as the season progressed I became a fan.

Burn Notice, you were a TV series about ex-CIA Agent Michael Westen played perfectly by Jeffrey Donovan. With former Navy Seal and  best friend Sam Axe (Campbell) and ex-IRA member and girlfriend Fiona “Fi” Glenanne  played by the wonderful and lovely Gabrielle Anwar ( I 1st saw her as Queen Anne in The Three Musketeers with Chris O’Donnell in 1993) and every once in a while his mom, Madeline played by Sharon Gless 

   For 7 seasons the three lived and worked in Miami.  Each week they would come to help those who needed their “special” kind of help.  Whether it was a single mom trying to find her kidnapped son, a dangerous old foe trying to get his hands on chemical weapons or the U.S. government doing whatever they could to stop him, Michael and his "gang" (later joined by fellow burned CIA guy Jesse played by Colby Bell) always got their man or woman.

Michael was the brains as his voice over told the viewer how to make it through a high speed car chase without much destruction or open a safe, usually using only what was on your person (Paper clip and shoe string anyone :)?) 
Fi was the explosives expect. You have to love a girl who knows her bombs!
Sam or is it Chuck Finley was always there to lend a hand, 
Mom Maddie was the heart, always worried about her son never knowing what he was doing but supported him and Fi along the way,
By the time Jesse joined the series it went from a weekly procedural to a three year long story arc that cleared Michael of his burn notice but then things with his old boss and career really got complicated.
In then end you helped make the USA Network a place for prime time TV and were one of the most entertaining shows of the decade.
Goodbye to the cast and crew of Burn Notice maybe a spin-off starring "Chuck Finley" would make losing you less hurtful (A girl can dream). 

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