Friday, September 20, 2013

The Neighbors-Watch now!

An family of 4 just trying to make it through this thing we call life, with a twist, is how I would begin to describe this quirky sitcom. This family is from another planet and choose their names from some of earth's popular sports figures. They along with others of their kind live in a gated community and were quite happy and unknown to the outside world, that is until a human family moved in next door.

 When I first read about The Neighbors I thought it sounded like a horrible idea and that it would only last a week and quickly be forgotten, boy was I pleasantly surprised be the time the first episode had ended.

As these two families come to learn from one anther they begin to like each other. It is a joy to watch this talented cast and every moment between the unusual characters is perfect.

This show is fun and fascinating and I find myself laughing, unexpectedly at/with each episode. As the only new sitcom that survived last season to return for this one I strongly suggest those who haven't to tune in just in case it disappears from this planet forever.

The Neighbors on Fridays at 8:30 on ABC!

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