Friday, January 24, 2014

American Hustle by filmmaker David O. Russell

The Year-1979     The film-American Hustle
Directed by David O. Russell and written by Russell and  Eric Warren Singer this little known true story is about a con man, Irving Rosenfeld played by Christian Bale who takes money from unexpected people wanting to have a little more security in their life. At a party he meets a seductive woman, Sydney Prosser played by the always amazing Amy Adams  and together they set up a fake bank and con more people willing to hand over their savings. That is until FBI agent Richie DiMaso played by Bradley Cooper catches them, instead of sending them off to federal prison he talks them into pulling a large and complex con. The three enter the dangerous and intriguing world of the New Jersey mafia as they try to take down a up and coming mayor played by Jeremy Renner. What happens next, not even Irving's unpredictable and unloving wife Rosalyn played by Jennifer Lawrence knows but she is willing to help out.

Nominated for 6 Academy Awards including best director, original screenplay and all 4 acting categories this fun fast pace film is so enjoyable to watch that when it is over you won't know what happened, in a good way. The characters are unbelievable yet they could be your next door neighbor. It is the late 70s which alone make the hair, make up and costumes worth seeing.  Like in the opening scene which has an almost unrecognizable Bale, a little "heavier" then real life and combing his "hair" to perfection. The low cut dresses worn by the woman are shimmering and shiny. Then there is the music- The songs are from the time period but each one herd in the background has lyrics and feels fitting and perfectly into what is happening on screen. For a good time at the cinema check out American Hustle.

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