Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A quick take on Tomorrowland the movie

Ok I have read mixed reviews on Tomorrowland some seemed to really enjoy this marketed as a teen who discovers a wonderful future world, to tweens and teens movie, others not so much. You can add me to the like column.

Yes the film feels too long and is slow at times and some of the special effects seem to be from Walt Disney’s time instead of today but I need to give high praise to the acting, especially by the two young girls Athena played by Raffey Cassidy and Casey played by Britt Robertson.        What a concept kids acting like kids who want to and can help for a better future. George Clooney and Hugh Laurie also star.

The TV ads may have shown little and been a bit deceiving (I would had liked to have seen/spent more time in Tomorrowland) but better then giving away the end in the first scene of the trailer.

In the end Writer and Director Brad Bird and Producer Damon Lindelof shared a positive and inspiring message to the audience (seriously not all sci-fi movies/TV shows have to have a dystopian future full of fear and hate) and if I was worthy enough to be given a pin that transported me to Tomorrowland I would jump at the opportunity!

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