Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Why I started writing...

                                        So I don't have to talk

           Unlike my sister and father I was never much of a reader or writer growing up or during my high school years but then college came along and being someone who doesn't talk (if I had a dollar for every time someone said I should talk more I would be richer then Bill Gates) and is uncomfortable around a group of people I needed something to do to take away the loneliness and homesickness. I wasn’t able to study the subject I wanted to so I did what I have always done, watched and listened to everything and everyone around me. Taking from real life experiences, like when a friend at the time walked into the cafeteria and said “The soda machine wouldn’t take a $20” when dinner was done I went back to my room and wrote it down knowing that I would use it in a story (Never tell an invisible person your life story because they will use it as part of their fiction). I still had (have) a dream of being a Hollywood director so the first thing I wrote was a screenplay about two high school friends meeting years after they graduated and that line is in it. It took two schools, five years and about 20 roommates for me to graduate, when I did I couldn’t find a job but I kept writing. It wasn’t until I got a letter to the editor of a national magazine published in 2009 when I started calling myself a writer.
         Today I am still jobless and although I haven’t published anything since and have yet to make any money as a writer, heck only a couple of friends have read anything I’ve written, I write as much as I can. I have new ideas all the time and spent many a sleepless nights trying to place them on paper. It’s those sleepless nights that remind me that there is nothing else I want to do. I read about friends on Facebook and their daily lives and when they complain about their jobs (even the ones who have a career in what they majored in) I want to tell them that is why I can’t work in an office or do what you do. I’m not like them and well I may at times envy them I don’t want to be them.
        So for now I write for myself and my sanity. Whether it’s a screenplay, TV pilot, play, short story, poem, graphic novel, song, blog as a film/TV critic, eulogy for pet or flash fiction right here I have written it or have idea on paper as an outline. When it comes down to the reason why I write well no matter what mood I am in Glad, Mad or Sad writing makes me feel better. Finally as a senior I wrote in my high school yearbook-Years from now…Living in California acting and directing movies- I can’t act but today and everyday I still believe that making movies will happen for me even if I have to write the words for the actors to say myself.  

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