Sunday, October 30, 2016

Glenn Rhee (TV appearance 2010-2016)

Yes I feel bad because Abraham and many others died before Glenn but if I wrote a eulogy for every character who died on The Walking Dead this blog would be filled up with death and sadness.

To his unborn child… I want to say…                                              

Glenn, you were a pizza delivery boy before the zombie apocalypse but in the six seasons in which you appeared on the show you grew into one amazing man. From the moment I first heard a voice over a walkie talkie calling Rick a “dumbass” I knew Glenn was someone special.

Glenn, you were my favorite out of the original characters and I enjoyed every minute you were on my TV screen.

You helped Rick when he was still a stranger but became quick friends. You fell at first sight in love with Maggie while helping her out on her father’s farm.

You survived The CDC, Hershel’s Farm, Woodberry with The Governor, The Prison, Terminus and countless Walker mobs, including the time you had to hide under a dumpster only to be killed by Negan and his Lucille.

You were funny, romantic, kind, loyal and brave.

I, as well as all those you left behind at Alexandria, will always love and will never forget you.

Someday “I will find you” again.

Until then Rest in Peace Glenn.

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