Wednesday, November 30, 2016

TV Case Study #1

Thanksgiving 2016

Because of the news media Subject A on a subconscious level already had thoughts of starting a political fight on the mind so when Subject B on a unconscious level went there a argument ensued.

Subject B said SB wasn't funny and Subject A loudly announced being a fan of SB. Each went at the argument with a different P.O.V.

Subject A believes in mind to be smarter than anyone in the room and took statement by Subject B as a political insult while Subject B was just stating a innocent opinion.

I realized after wards why this "fight "ensued

What Subject A and Subject B don't understand is that there are different types of comedy/comedians

One is a comedian who spends time on the road preforming in front of an audience and tells jokes-i.e Jon Stewart, Denis Leary and Jerry Seinfeld.

Two is a comedian who spends time preforming in front of an audience with sketches (written ahead of time or improv) i.e. those who were a part of Second City like Steve Carell, Tina Fey and Stephen Colbert

SB falls into the second category...The late night show SB host isn't suppose to be Ha Ha funny it is a series that takes a look at what is happening in the world, takes one or two stories from daily topics (mostly in politics) and comments on events with a side of humor. There are no celebrity guests or silly games.

In conclusion...
Subject A and B are both right, it just depends on how you look at the situation.

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