Friday, March 31, 2017

Grimm October 28 2011-March 31 2017

Every year you aired I was worried it would be your last, now that the show is actually ending it is time to say goodbye.

Grimm-you were a strange show about a man who could see creatures beneath their human face.(wesen) You started as a show about fairytales coming to life but became so much more.

Nick Burkhardt, played by David Giuntoli, you saw things that no one could see, you knew things that most did not. At first you didn’t understand your power but would eventually use what you learned about yourself and others for good and save those who needed help. You were a good man and an even better Grimm.

But let’s not forget those who stood by you side and helped you fight from beginning to end-

There was Juliette, played by Bitsie Tulloeh, a woman you loved and almost married.

Hank, played by Russell Hornsby, your partner and friend who didn’t believe in your “power” at first but was there with you on every case.

Wu, played by Reggie Lee, another cop who would become a creature himself

Rosalee, played by Bree Turner, a cute and beautiful fox-like wesen, called a Fuchsbau who ran the local spice shop and knew the most about the magical world you and her were born into.

Trubel, played by Jacqueline Toboni, a young Grimm who you would teach and help so she could be as good as you

With friends comes enemies-

There was the Adalind, played by Claire Coffee, a witch-like wesen called a Hexenbiest, who hated everything about you until she didn’t.

And for years you battled with Captain Sean Renard, played by Sasha Roiz, a magical beast called a Zauberbiest who was part of wesen royalty. His and your fight on screen was a joy to watch and became the ultimate battle between good and evil.

As much as I loved you, Nick the Grimm, and those I have already mentioned the character I loved the most was Monroe, played by Silas Weir Mitchell. A wolf-like wesen called a Blutbad who fixed clocks by day and helped Nick discover his true self and was a loyal friend who was there to lend a hand whenever one was needed. (If I could own a piece of the Grimm set I would want the door to Monroe’s cabin, it had a beautiful stained-glass picture of a wolf)

The place was Portland, Oregon. The time was 2011-2017. The show was about folklore and fairytales with many different kinds of wesen, good and evil and a police Detective named Nick who saw things most could not. Though at times Grimm was scary every episode was entertaining.

Farewell sweet Grimm. 

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