Monday, October 17, 2011

NCIS: L.A.305-Deadline

The main thing I got out of Hetty's and Callens conversation about who he is is that his father could still be alive and that Hetty knew Clara, Callens mother, which is nice to know but I thought there might be more. Ever since Law and Order first aired 20 years ago I have come to like storylines that can be riped from the headlines and this week was a good one. A unkown Lybian using the internet to help the uprising against Ghadaffi(have you noticed there are like a dozen ways to spell this guys name). he is a supporter of the rebels and belives in the cause so he tries to give advice. This all starts with the opening death of a local reporter who has been researching the man behind the mask and leads to the team, now completly back to normal including another screen appearance of Monty, the cutest police dog you have ever seen. I'm also pretty sure Monty is a Liberal, he only listen to NPR so that makes him more cute. We also get the return of Sam's and Callens wounderful partner banter, this time it was on pet ownership and I love how they think alike, "if it doesn't work with the fish,SUSHIE ":) This writing about a show every week is harder then it looks but I will try and keep it up even if it's just for my own sake and allows me to practice writing.

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