Thursday, October 13, 2011

The new fall season, so far: Dramas

Each TV season I try and watch as many new series I can, even if I don’t think I’ll like it. Although some I know I won’t like and avoid those all together. They usually end up being the first to get canceled so there is no point getting hooked (ex. The Playboy Club). Below are the Dramas that fit into my schedule.

Ringer- Tues. 9 The CW--- Ok so I started watching this because I have been a fan of Sarah Michelle Geller for years, how could you not love Buffy. By the end of the first episode I was intrigued by the entire show. Geller plays twin sisters but that is just the tip of the iceberg in this twisty tale of romance, backstabbing and murder. It’s not too late to check it out!

Person of Interest-Thurs 9 CBS---Ben from Lost (Michael Emerson) and the actor who has played Jesus and The Count of Monte Cristo (Jim Caviezel) how could you go wrong! This series has the same idea behind it as the 2002 movie Minority Report but takes place today and sometimes it’s the victim the two leads have to save, not catching the killer. My favorite part is that the two characters Reese and Finch are doing all this outside the government and police, so none of the people they help even know who they are. Taraji P. Henson plays a cop trying to find them. My favorite of the season, check it out so it doesn’t get cancelled.

A Gifted Man-Fri. 8 CBS--- The jury is still out on this one. I like the lead character, a successful surgeon too busy to help his dead ex-wife’s free clinic. The ghost of his wife is a good character, not sure about the rest of the cast.

Pan Am-Sun 10 ABC---Because they all wear uniforms, male pilots included, it is hard to tell the difference between the characters, not that there is much difference to see. Not a fan of the series or the 60s I suggest sticking with Mad Men to get that made in the 60s style fix, I will.

Unforgettable-Tues 10 CBS--Good ratings sometimes indicate a good time slot like this new series right after NCIS: LA. If you give it a try I suggest recording it. Like most reviews I have to agree that this, to put it simple is Forgettable.

Terra Nova-Mon. 8 FOX---Ah Mr. Spielberg after a lot of money and Fox pushing it back from TV season to season I have to say not  bad.  I like your summer season endeavor Falling Skies a lot more but I will continue to watch this and hope it starts making money. After all it does have all the items one needs in a post old earth that we have destroyed so now in order to save the human race we have to start over. There is teen angst, a nice family, bad guys who started the own community outside the new one of course, secrets lots of secrets  and a leader, in this case I think there might be two but they don’t know that yet. So I will watch and those that don’t should check it out.

Homeland Sun 10 Showtime---Mandy Patakins return to TV, I’ve met him a couple of times and as great a guy as you would think. Anyway this series has only had one episode so far but it looks like it’s going to be fun to watch. A series in which you have two leads that are supposed to be working for the good old U.S of A but we don’t know who, if either is the good guy/bad guy. Looks like from the coming attractions it is going to have money twists and turns so I will have to pay close attention. If you can afford premium cable check it out.

Revenge-Wed. 10 ABC—Once again another show that I didn’t want to watch but because of all the press I though I should and well I really like it, it is truly a primetime soap opera guilty pleasure. While watching the ads this past summer some wondered how the lead, a woman bent on revenge for what a group of so called friends did to her father when she was just a kid, would kill all these people without anyone noticing. Turns out she just wants to make their lives miserable At the beginning of each episode she picks her target and the viewer knows who is going down this week, kind of like a murder mystery where we already know the murderer but still fun to watch. Check it out and get sucked into this story of revenge.

Bedlem-Sat. 9 BBC America---One of my many British series that has yet to be Americanized. It is about a man who can see ghost and how they die and takes place in an old mental asylum that is now a high end apartment complex. Do I really have to say more? Check it out!

Speaking of Saturday night TV what has happen to it? My TWO magazines about Showbiz (Where I start to study each new season) didn’t even add it to the schedules this year! I know that the TV industry hell all of Hollywood only cares about 18- 45 year olds but that is NO EXCUSE to leave out everyone else! You know the people who have spent their whole adult life working and have the money to spend on the stuff in the commercials and don’t know how to fast forward through them. What about the Grandparents who have to baby-sit their grandkids because their parents are out? Don’t they deserve something to watch? And no they can’t stay up to watch Saturday Night Live even through they made it what is! Instead of bringing back Charlie’s Angels (which I haven’t had a chance to watch) let’s bring back Murder She Wrote. You know a nice non-tense series that you don’t really have to pay attention but tells a good story and is over in an hour. I’m just saying with the internet, viewers these days don’t fit into your nice little demographics box.  Give it another try networks you never know who is really watching you.

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