Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The new fall season, so far: Comedies

I don’t work or get paid by any network, although I should.

For some reason since Friends went of the air it has been hard form me to watch comedies. It's not that I don’t like them and don’t have a sense of humor it just seems like while I have a handful of comedies that I watch and really enjoy, How I Met Your Mother is my favorite at the moment, I seem to watch a lot more dramas. That being said there are three this new season that has surprised me and a couple of others that I also find myself laughing with.
I have I certain criteria when it comes to watching a funny TV series. I don’t know exactly what it is but I CAN tell you that they better not have a laugh track and trust me you can tell the difference between recorded laughter and a real audience. Here are my new favorite sitcoms. If I like it must be good so if you have time give them I try and maybe we can keep them on the air for a long time.

2 Broke Girls-Mon. CBS—This one was a real surprise! I thought that a series about a poor waitress and an ex rich girl wouldn't make for great TV but I was wrong. The two leads have great chemistry and are fun to watch. All the co-stars that are part of this diner work well together. Oh and there’s a horse living in their Brooklyn backyard. Check it out!

Up All Night-Wed. 8 NBC—Now I am not a fan of TV shows about what goes into being a new parent but Christina Applegate and Will Arnett get to keep their wicked sense a humor in this charming new series. Maya Rudolph is hysterical as the single boss and friend of Applegate and her talk show within the show is hilarious. Check it out!

New Girl-Tues. 9 FOX—I like this quirky little series a lot and all I have to say about it so far is that Zooey Deschanel is cute and sweet as the New Girl. I just hope the guys she lives with each get their own personalities as the show progresses. Check it out!

Suburgatory-Wed ABC—Again another series that I wasn’t going to watch because the premise didn’t appeal to me and it’s still growing on me. I will say that if you like weird shows that have something you like about them but you don’t know why DVR this and give it a chance.

How to be a Gentleman-Already got cancelled and rightfully so.

And now we come to

Two and a Half Men 2.0-Mon. 9 CBS—Very funny, No Trolls. If you are a fan of Ashton Kutcher but haven’t watched this series in the past now is the time to jump on board.

That is it for the comedies. If you watch a new one and I don’t have it on the list tell me about it and I will give it a try. Coming up next The Dramas.

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