Wednesday, September 21, 2016

2 TV shows 1 night

                                                              Rosewood season 2

If you die under mysterious circumstances in Miami there is no need to worry, Dr. Beaumont “Rosie” Rosewood, played by the debonair Morris Chestnut, will take your case!

Rosewood is a show about a doctor turned private pathologist (meaning he has a big, nice and kept up to date on all the new medical equipment office) and when the police, aka Det. Annalise Villa played by Jaina Lee Ortiz, need a consult they reluctantly call Rosie.

Rosewood is a fast pace, exciting with a pinch of the escapism police procedural. It has humor and sophistication with well-rounded characters, all of who may not be perfect, but will help each other when in need.

Gabrielle Dennis plays Pippy, Rosie’s partner at work and sister who is engaged to co-worker Tara, played by Anna Konkle. But Rosewood wouldn’t be Rosewood without his overbearing yet lovable mother played by Lorraine Toussaint.

Superstore season 2

Ok I know what you are thinking Superstore that is a dumb name for a TV show and I’ll answer back “so was How I Met Your Mother” then you ask “ok then why would I want to watch a show about people who work at a Wal-Mart type store?” To that I say-

IT IS THE FUNNIEST SITCOM you will find on Network (ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX,CW) TV and if I am being honest I wasn’t expecting it to be.

You take a group of people (all of whom are funny) with different personalities and lives and put them together in a small contained place, a place where some of them don’t really want to be and you let them loose to be themselves.

Superstore stars (a talented cast) including the wonderful America Ferrera who plays Amy as a married mother working at the store while going to college to make her life better. Ben Feldman who plays Jonah the optimistic employee who is in love with Amy. Lauren Ash who plays Dina the one no one likes but has the best lines in the show. Nicole Bloom who plays Cheyenne who is the youngest of the employees and had a baby (in the store) at the end of the season. Mark McKinney who plays Glenn the manager of the store and the only one who enjoys his job. The series also stars Colton Dunn and Nica Santos.

Give this delightful show a chance and hopefully the Superstore will be around for a long time.

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