Thursday, January 31, 2013

30 Rock 2006-2013

30 Rock-Out of the two series about a look behind the scenes of a comedy sketch show you were the one that didn't get canceled after one season (Still miss Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip). You were a series about a head TV writer (Who happens to be female), her boss and the "cast of characters" they were in charge of.

Goodbye to...

Liz Lemon (Tina Fey) the head writer and creator of TGS (The show within the show) You were always running around frantic, making sure everyone had their lives together before your own.

Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) A man who started as Vice President for East coast TV for NBC and its parent company GM and who always wanted to be better and richer and pushed others out of the way as he climbed his way to the top of the company. You know your typical Republican.

Jenna Maroney (Jane Krakowski) A woman really only into herself (She married a Jenna impersonator) Co-star of TGS and Liz's best friend.

Tracy Jordan (Tracy Morgan) What can I say about you? No really you were a difficult man to figure out  can someone really be that unintelligent and childlike and be rich and famous?

Kenneth Parcell (Jack McBrayer) My favorite and the one who made me laugh the most. Southern naive NBC Page/Janitor ( I think NBC pages are very cool one let me pretend to be a weather girl when I visited 10 years ago).

And the rest Producer Pete Hornberger (Scott Adsit) who always had family issues and the writers in the writing room Frank (Judah Friedlander) the one with the hats and Toofer (Keith Powell) The smartest one in the bunch and Finally Tracy's entourage Dot Com (Kevin Brown) and Grizz (Grizz Chapman) who were always there to support Tracy no matter how stupid his ideas were.

TGS and 30 Rock may be gone but you will live on forever (in syndication)

Good luck Tina and the rest of the cast and crew on their future endeavours!!!

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