Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Womb-A Film Review & Darling Companion

Important thing to know when you are picking a movie to watch-You never know what you are going to get when you watch a film because you happen to like an actor starring in it. This happened to me recently while I was flipping through channels and came across a film with a one word title-Womb. This title interested me and when I read the info and saw Matt Smith's name I decided (as a loyal Whovian) to check it out.

The story is about a woman named Rebbecca (Eva Green) who as a kid meets Thomas (Matt Smith) and there is an instant connection. The first 45 minutes as their childhood progresses feels slow but when Rebbecca has to move out of the country only to return as a young adult the pace picks up, some. Rebbecca and Thomas re-connect and then tradegy strikes.

Here is when things get weird and a little creepy. There will be plot spoilers from here on so read at your own risk (skip to QUICK TAKE)--- He is dead and Rebbecca, using a controversial technique decides to give birth and raise Thomas's clone. Her lover as her son? Time goes on. Rebbecca gives him the same name, feeds him and baths him. As he grows up and touches her she seems to have sexual feelings for him, what would Freud say? Thomas does everything that a kid does, he makes friends (although no one comes to his birthday party) plays in the sand (they live on a beach) and grows up. Before the viewer knows it Thomas is the age he was when he "died" (and we get to see Matt Smith again). Of course Rebbecca has also grown older and when Thomas gets a girlfriend she seems to be jealous of her (told you it was strange). Eventually Thomas realizes who he was. is and you can guess what happens next.

I guess this genre can be called sci-fi but it is also a interesting study of love and lost. The film is 2 hours and there is very little dialogue but it is beautiful to look at (even if it just Matt Smith you're looking at) I am glad I found it but I don't know if I can recommend it. If it sounds like something you want to see check out Womb.

QUICK TAKE--Darling Companion- A film synopsis

Speaking of watching a film for an actor I also caught a film called Darling Companion. A woman, Beth (Diane Keaton) and her adult daughter, Grace (Elisabeth Moss) find an injured dog along side a busy road, they name him Freeway and the woman takes him into hers and her husbands Joseph (Kevin Kline) home. Grace ends up marrying the vet,Sam (Jay Ali) who helped them at their Colorado mountain cabin. While they are away on their honeymoon Joseph takes Freeway for a walk in the woods and loses him. Beth blames him and with help from Joseph's sister Penny (Dianne Wiest) her new husband Russell (Richard Jenkins) Penny's son Bryan (Mark Duplass) and the cabin's caretaker Carmen (Ayelet Zurer) they begin to look for Freeway. Do they find him? Can Beth and Joseph's marriage be saved? Is Carmen really psychic? To find out watch Darling Companion

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