Friday, January 18, 2013

Goodbye to Fringe 2008-2013

FRINGE- You were a strange and at times confusing little series but I liked you.

You had everything a Sci-Fi geek to could ask for-odd cases about the supernatural, a team to save us, parallel universes and a cow.

It is hard to explain what you were and what happened each week to someone who never watched but I will give it a try.

Let me start with Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) who was the first character we met who was an agent for the Fringe department which is part of the U.S. government whose job it was to "fix" strange events before the population learns about them (See X-Files or Torchwood). On her first case she needs some outside help and tracks down a man named Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) and asked him to get his father Walter (John Noble) who is a scientist and is the only one who can help out of the mental hospital. Once Walter is freed they set up his lab in the basement of Harvard University.

As much as I liked the set up and each episode I think I will miss the characters most of all.
  Olivia, Who Walter found as a little girl and as he studied her realized she had a power to move through parallel worlds.
  Peter, His son who isn't his son but just as smart.
  Astrid (Jasika Nicole), Walter's assistant whose name he always forgot.
  Phillip Broyles (Lance Reddick), The head of Fringe Department
  Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) Head of Massive Dynamic a corporation that is behind most of the strange occurrences
and my favorite
  Walter Bishop, The smartest man on the team. Is an old man who acts like a kid. Funny, Sweet, always a joy to watch and the kind of guy I would want watching my back if I am in trouble or stuck in another world.

Here is to J.J Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci the creators of the show and their cast on crew! Congrats on this good series.

FRINGE- You were  a strange and at times confusing little series but I liked you. Thank you for 5 amazing years.

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