Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Private Practice 2007-2013

Yes most of what I write here is positive that is because I only watch what I like,  I'm not a critic I don't get paid so I stick with what I know and enjoy. This unfortunately cannot be said about The Greys Anatomy spin-off Private Practice. I watched the first episode of this Shonda Rhimes series because I am a fan of Tim Daly and Taye Diggs but even they couldn't get me to like and to continue watching the show. None of the characters were likable and even though they were all professional adults they all complained about each other and their "terrible" lives like a group of whiny teen girls. The lead character Addison (Kate Walsh) was a doctor who helped women get pregnant but couldn't have kids herself and that was all she talked about. Even though I didn't care for her I still tried to watch but then the writers really made me mad when they killed off the only character I did like. Dell was the in-office assistant and studying to be a mid-wife and was the only one in the bunch who seemed happy, that was until his drug addicted ex girlfriend came back into his life with their young daughter-Spoiler Alert-She dies from an meth explosion, Dell also gets killed off and his daughter has to go and live with his sister which she does not want to do so you would think these doctors, his 'friends" one of who wants a kid of her own would take Dell's daughter in but NOOOO! That was it and I never watched another episode after that! I would never go to any of these doctors (no matter how good looking Taye Diggs is). I am sure there is more to say but this show was just not worth my time.

Sorry Private Practice but you were mean and should have been canceled years ago. Good luck to Tim and Taye in the future. 

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