Tuesday, May 22, 2012

House Final episode recap-Everybody Dies

 Spoilers--We open on a close of House and then as the camera moves out we see that he is sitting on a floor next to a dead body. Then we quickly learn that the building he is in is on fire that is when the late Dr. Kutner appears and House begins to tell the story of his final patient and how he got to this place in life.
As he lies on the floor there are more visitors from his past to talk to some alive others not. His final patient came into the clinic looking for drugs but House decided there was something more which was very unlike him. The sick found him he never went looking.
His team went into action as they, like in every episode, went to his place of residence and search his dorm room. There they found a picture in his drewer of a young boy. The boy happened  to be his dead brother who he admits talks to him. Through talking it out with these visions of his pass we the viewer found out that the patient had a inner ear problem. At the same time House’s team was working on healing him House was trying to get his best friend Wilson to fight for his life.
In the end Foremen and Wilson are able to figure out, through clues he left behind, where House is and just as they see the fire and reach for House there is a explosion.
There is a funeral for House.
Chase gets his job and the team.
Taub learns how to be a better father.
As a ver much alive House and Wilson drive off together

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