Monday, May 14, 2012

We'll never know...

I hate this time or year. It is a time in the TV season when networks decide what stays and what goes. What TV series to pick up (old and new) and what ones to throw away. Which brings me to those series that I liked but will now not get the chance to know. R.I.P. September 2011-May 2012
   The Finder- You were a cute spin-off of Bones and i think if you were given the right chance to live you would have only gotten better. Cheers to Walter, Leo, Willa, Isabel and Timo. We although we won't get the chance to know you you all will be missed and I am happy for the time we did get to spend with each other.
  Alcatraz- We will never know where the 63s disappeared to, why they came back and how Rebbecca's grandfather was involved.
  The River-it is nice to know that the Cole family was reunited but now they will stuck on the river forever.
   Tera Nova-Will going back to the prehistoric past really make our future better?
   Awake-I like to believe that both worlds were dreams and when Michael Britten really wakes up his family and work will all still be in tack.
   Ringer- I like to think Sebhian ended up with Henry ans Bridget with Andrew
                                               Farewell to the series that might have been

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