Thursday, May 31, 2012

A movie review- Beginners

It has been 4 months since the Academy Awards but I am still watching those that won or were nominated. Airing now on Cinemax is the independent film called Beginners. Christopher Plummer won the Oscar for best supporting actor for his role as a dying man who at the age of 75 tells his adult son that he is gay.The film is based on its writer/directors Mike Mills real life.
   Beginners is told through the point of view of the son Oliver a graphic designer played by the magnificent Ewan McGregor. The film it edited in a way that lets his story be seen through flashbacks The flashbacks time range go back to when Oliver was a boy to when his father first came out to him and then his father's death. The film really has two stories, one about a father and son the other about his new relationship with an french woman (Melanie Lautent).
   The story between father and son is one of not really ever knowing who each other are. As a boy Oliver's father wasn't around as much as he should of been and his parents barely spoke to each other. When his father admits his true sexuality years later Oliver narrates that having to hide who he was may have contributed to his absence. It isn't until after his mother's death that Hal, the father finally allows himself to be who he is and does so to great joy. He buys new clothes, goes out to night clubs and does indeed meet and falls for a younger man named Andy (Goran Visnjic). When Hal gets the news that he is dying he never tells Andy and Oliver gets him home and takes care of him until the end.
    Afterwards being Hal's only son Oliver inherits what is left of his father including a cute dog named Arthur who does not want to leave his side as Oliver shows him around his house "This is the kitchen". He friends end up talking him into going to a party and he takes Arthur. There he meets a voiceless actress named Anna. She is in the city shooting a movie and lives in a hotel. Oliver goes to her room after the party and now he has to figure out what this new relationship means to him and how does it work into his life and future.
   If you have Cinemax or don't know what to rent for a movie night and want something small and sweet check out Beginners.

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