Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Art of Watching TV

Recently a family member came to me with a TV dilemma-What do you do when more then one show that you watch happens to air at the same time? My name is Sarah and I am a TV addict. I watch 30+ hours of TV a week during the regular fall/spring season and there are times when I think doing so should be an Olympic event. There are 7 days in a week and each day multiply series air from 8-11 pm on all the networks, this gets really difficult if you have cable (basic/premian). So since her question was about Sunday night I will stay there. Let me start simple, if you have basic cable but no DVR then the key is in the re broadcasts. Cable networks like AMC, TNT, and USA only got into the original TV series game in the past decade and this gives them time to re-air each series. In other words if you can’t watch Mad Men at 10 pm you can catch it again 2 hours later or the next day at 11 pm. Sometimes when the season is coming to its end these networks may have a marathon in case you missed any episode. Next step is if you have cable and a computer connected to the Internet. There is a good chance you can catch the episode on the networks website or some other source. I find watching a series on-line difficult, uncomfortable and a little distracting (I find myself wanting to check e-mail, facebook and other websites) but eventually I will get through it. The best way to deal with the dilemma of Too Much Good TV takes a DVR. Cable and money to afford it all. My personal TV schedule-I record about 20 hrs, use the cable on-demand channels for another 10 hrs leaving room for me to watch about 3 hrs a night “live”  (not counting the daily daytime and late night shows)  
I never wanted to admit this but if you want to know anything about me this is at the top of the list. Although if this were a dating site I would also say my other interest include-playing with my dogs, swimming, going to the gym, if I have a good recipe cooking, sitting in the middle of a lake with my dad in his row boat and if I had the money I would travel.
For now I will just sit at my computer and write.
In conclusion if you have a question about TV just write to Dear Sarah or follow me on twitter Sarah Joan @By_SJD

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