Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A TV Poam

May- The saddest month of the year for a TV viewer. May is not just the final sweeps month it is also the time for finales and the end of the fall TV season. It is a time full of suspense, laughter and tears. It is a time to say goodbye to new episodes of each series for 4 months or 4 ever. There are weddings to attend, deaths of favorite characters to morn and the almighty cliffhanger to endure. When it is all over all the characters we love disappear (sometimes unsure if they will ever return) Every fall season it all comes down to one episode and a lot can happen in that episode. It is when the viewer realizes this is it , this is what the entire season has been leading up to. When the screen fades to black it will feel like a long time before we get to all our TV friends again. So for now goodbye to the doctors, lawyers, cops and the rest. I look forward to when we meat again in September. That, is what May means to me.

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