Monday, June 11, 2012

The Summer TV Season

You' already know  about the 4 seasons of the year (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall) but did you know that there are also three TV seasons within a year? There is the fall/original season (September-May) the Mid-Season (January-May) and the Summer Season (June-Labor day). That is the one we are in NOW.
  I cannot discuss this particular season unless I start with the quincintencial series of the summer with a little series called True Blood which started its 5th season this past Sunday on HBO. Vampires, Werewolves, Shape shifters, Fairies and Witches ,hell you name it they have it! If you haven't seen it where have you been?! The premise and characters are too complex at this point to go into details so I will just give you the main points-The center character is Sookie Stackhouse who can hear others, that are living, thoughts and shoot what can only be described as electricity through her body when she gets upset, later in the series she discovered she is a type of fairy. Through the seasons Sookie has had this on again off again relationship with a vampire named Bill Compton who has made it his person mission to protect her from his world and other vamps like Eric Northman and his protiage Pam. Sookie also has a brother named Jason who is now a cop but has had he share of supernatural run-ins. Then there is her best friend Tara, those who she works with Lafayette, Terry, Arlene and her boss owner of the best bar and grill in Bon Temps Sam Merlotte who is my favorite and as a shape shifter can change himself into any animal he wants his dog look is the most frequent. I can't forget the werewolf Alcide and Bill's young own protiage who is finally coming into her own, Jessica. As I said this is the 5th season premiere and a lot has happen in the past 4, far too much to explain here but if you haven't yet it is really worth catching up on and watch.

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