Monday, June 18, 2012

A TV Letter...

Dear The Killing,

Now that you have finished your second season and finally given viewers the answer to "Who killed Rosie Lawsen?" I have to tell you something--The only reason I even watched you was more out of obligation then want. From the first commercial you had us wondering who shot this teen girl but by the end of the first season you gave us nothing, no ideas or closure to the case.
That was just the beginning for me, the story of The Killing wasn't as bad as the character development. Out of the entire cast there was only one character I liked and routed for The Mayoral Canidate, Darren Richmond played by Billy Campbell and the main suspect until he too got shot! The rest from the police to Rosie's family were just unlikeable. Yes a good mystery has a lot of suspects and twists and turns but all the finger pointing at the wrong people, like Rosie's teacher in season one then having Stan beat him up made me ill. The end of season two was even unsatisfying because while we got to learn the truth and the killer/s I didn't care or even know who a couple of them were because of my lack of interest. To sum up if there is a season three unless Mayor Richmond gets a better role I will not be watching.


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