Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer TV-TNT

Another network that uses the summertime to air new episodes is TNT here are my picks...

Last season was the highly anticipated series produced by Steven Spielberg called Falling Skies. This series follows a ex-history professor and his three sons as the fight in the aftermath of a world wide alien attack. I have to say this show had me when I learned that Noah Wyle was going to play this lead. As a said Tom Mason was just a ordinary teacher, married and raising three sons when the aliens came. Afterwards his wife is dead, his middle son is missing and he finds himself as one of the leaders of the newly formed 2ed Mass. A small band of military and civilians working together to survive! In season one we met each of the characters and learned who they were before the attack and why they have joined the fight. When last we saw the gang Tom was boarding the alien ship to try and talk to them this past Sunday Falling Shies has returned right where it left off. It was my new favorite last season and a look forward to what happens this time around. They weren't kidding when they said there would be a lot more aliens this time around. We see them every week!

On Tuesday night you can watch two good TNT series-The cop procedural/female buddy show called Rizzoli & Isles. Jane Rizzoli (Angie Harmon) is a police detective her friend Maura Isles (Sasha Alexander) is a state medical examiner. Together with Rizzolis's partners the two solve crimes in Boston. Rizzoli also has her younger brother on the police force and her newly divorce mother working in the cafeteria.

Following them at 10 is a show starring Breckin Meyer and Mark Paul Gosselaar as the title characters called Franklin and Bash. Cute, well done fun series about a couple a lawyers who don't play by the rules when it comes to courtroom conduct but now that they are partners in a major law firm they have to keep their sennaagins to themselves. Malcolm McDowell stars as their boss.

OK I didn't want to but as a TV fan and kid of the 1980s I had to check out the new "season" of Dallas. I really didn't want to watch or even like it because it wasn't good 30 years ago, popular maybe but I've seen some reruns and it wasn't worth watching but I took a look at it because I believe it is as much a part of me as my brown eyes and is in my DNA so  I tuned in. I guess the story picks up where it left off but this time instead of J.R. (Larry Hagman) and Bobby Ewing (Patrick Duffy) fighting it out they got their now 20 something kids involved, John Ross (Josh Henderson) against Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe). Fighting for gets South Fork Ranch and who gets the oil rights  I have to admit as much as I don't want to like Dallas iI have to tune in each week (Wednesday at 9) if for no other reason then see if the fighting ever ends.

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