Monday, November 7, 2011

A Character study--WILSON-The most underrated character on TV

Original posted  Oct 21, 2008 on TV Guide 

      Ok like I've said I have to record (DVR) a lot of my shows-A LOT!-and one of them is the magnificent HOUSE. Now for someone who doesn't like medical series HOUSE is my favorite, not so much for the medical stuff but for the characters of Dr. Gregory House and those around him especially Dr. James Wilson. I have watched and recommended HOUSE since it began and Wilson has always been just sort of there in the background helping and taking care of House when he can. Then a couple of seasons ago I realized that I have developed a crush on him.
Now I am sure others have noticed how awesome Wilson is-in fact I just read a letter to the editor in one of my entertainment magazines saying almost the same thing-but now I finally get the chance. At the end of last season and so far this season
Wilson finally gets to prove himself as to why he is needed. Of course even now if you ask WHY I like Wilson I couldn't really tell you. Maybe it's his sad puppy dog eyes or the hair? Perhaps I just believe he is the best Doc on TV, I know he is the only one I trust. But I think I really like him because even though he is in the background he is ALWAYS THERE. Never having much to say but helps whenever needed. I admit I cried when Wilson lost Amber not so much because I liked Amber but because without saying many words Robert Sean Leonard was able to pull it off and Wilson's saddest and anger was so amazing! Robert Sean Leonard once mentioned in an interview that he didn't mind not having all the lines that Hugh Laurie has (it's not easy memorizing all of those medical terms) I say Wilson needs more-maybe enough for an Emmy nom.?-But I don't talk much either so I shouldn't complain.
THEN there was last week’s episode! The scenes between Wilson and House as they went to Houses fathers' funeral were the best they have been!!
Wilson breaking the window of the church Wow! I LOVE that we FINALLY know how the two met and what a brilliant story (but then my wilsonmeetsiantofanfict is also fun-So Wilson amuses House and its "not boring" Beautiful!
Like I began with it is nice to at last get to say DR. JAMES WILSON ROCKS!!! He really does make seeing all the blood, gore and weird illnesses of HOUSE worth watching.
House will always need
Wilson and Wilson will continue to need House.

Tonight Wilson worked with House to get perternity from Taub-very cute

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