Wednesday, November 9, 2011


SPOILERS- A box, a wooden box that kills. Not only will the holder of the box die but they never get the chance to find out what is really in the box.  Is it gold? Is it heroin? No the content of the box is way more dangerous then the traffickers could ever imagine. Which brings me to another reason to like this series, ever once in a while they have some impressive twists and turns that keep the viewer wondering. As we begin to follow the box we are taken back into the desert heat which we learned last season is a place Deeks does NOT like to be. Good thing he has Kensi to watch his back as a ferrell pig appears from behind the desert brush. The trail then leads Callen and Sam to some local LA drug cartels and after a shootout leaves only one alive. Jamie is able to lead our team to the apartment of a hitman and it is here that we discover Sams' secret. Turns out the reason that Agent Hanna has been late for work or missing in action lately is because he has been on assignment with The CIA. Sam, the CIA agent and the rest of our team find out that the deadly substance from the box will be used in a large location where it can be given to thousands of people. On a happier note Nell sent herself a beautiful bouquet of flowers and, as someone who doesn't get flowers sent to her, I'm with her 100% sometimes it's nice get a vase full of flowers no matter who sent them. 

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