Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NCIS Engaged-Part 1

Spoiler alert- The past two episodes of NCIS were so full of surprise twists that I had to write about it. Last week, part 1, we opened on a military cargo plane carrying the bodies of dead marines going down in a field. There were no survivors but among the dead that were coming home was a young female at least that's what he father thought. Enter military Chaplin Lieutenant Commander Melanie Burke (Jaime Ray Newman) to help the father with his grief. When the man meets Gibbs he tells him to give him his daughter so he could take her home. Unfortualy under the amazing guidance of Ducky and Abby none of the bodies that were recovered from the crash match the daughters DNA. That was twist number one. Now we have to determine what happened to her body or if there ever was one. Turns out she was working in the middle east on trying to get a girl school started and since teaching girls is against their religion some bad people destroyed the building and in the horrible aftermath just her dog tags were found. The father needs to know what happened so Gibbs team goes into action and by the end they discover that she was able with two girls run away from the blasts. 

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