Wednesday, November 2, 2011

NCIS: LA- Honor

 SPOILERS---We open on the death of a Japanese tourist and our team goes into action. It turns out the marine who we think killed this tourist was dishonorably discharged after sexual harassment charges were brought up against him while stationed in Japan. Of course with this series there is always a catch/twist and to figure it out the team must first figure out the truth. The Marine says he fell in love with a girl but her rich businessman father forbids it because he wanted her with another man who would make him richer. All of the clues point to the marine lying, including an empty trailer where he thought she was staying and would be safe. Callen and Sam pay a visit to the girls’ father and here through the father talking on the phone we learn that SURPISE Sam speaks his language. Sam speaks to the girl on the phone and everything seems to be going against the marines’ statement about the two star-crossed lovers. With the man using his buness resources The State Department stops our team from continuing the investigation. Really do you really think a cease and discourse action is going to stop them. Sam being the wonderful Seal that he is says "Seals don't leave a man behind' I'll take the side of the marine any day" and they do. First thing first find the truth! With  Kensi as a maid and Deeks bringing free hotel room service we found out the father is keeping his daughter under guard in a nice hotel room.  YES it's been a long time since the whole team, Eric and Nell included, get to take real undercover action.  Location-Airport objective-stall the private plane to get the girl and stop the bad guy. Eric is a security guy on high alert, Nell his boss,Deeks and Sam luggage transport, Kensi the decoy and Callen is Callen. That all look so cute in the airport outfits! In the end all is safe. Our Romeo and Juliet are happily reunited and the NCIS:LA team get to go home with another mission completed. 

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