Saturday, November 19, 2011


Spoiler Alert--Last we ended on a cliffhanger where we met CIA agent Michael Saleh. He and Sam have been working together in Jordan by joining an ex-governor named Khaled with ties to Al-Queeda.
     This week we open with the news that two CIA agents were killed and one, who description fits Sam's, has yet to be identified. Proving once again how elite they are our team breaks up and have to solve the case on two continents. First Callen has to travel to Jordan to identify the burned body. Luckily it isn't Sam, sadly it is Michael. Now Callen has to find his partner, as Kensi and Deeks search for a mole in the CIA. While tracking Sam, Callen discovers a man, Elmslie, working for crimes against humanity. He has been working to get evidence against the same target for mass murder and once Callen helps get Sam and Jada, the sister of Khaled out of harms way, he ask for their help. In the meantime Deeks and Kensi are talking with the CIA handler to see what he knows about the mission and who leaked the names. Back in Jordan Sam is still undercover and pretending to be falling in love with Jada as he gets closer to her brother. Sam and Elmslie are able to talk Callen into staying in Jordan to get what they ALL need to take down Khaled. Do they get rid of this evil man or fail? What about Jada, how does she fit into everything? Who is the mole? And what about Sam's private HOME life?

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